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According to Hugh Griffiths, who monitors arms trafficking for the highly respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the aircraft was allegedly linked to two well-known gunrunners, Tomislav Dmanjanovic of Serbia and Viktor Bout of Russia.
The seizure at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport uncovered a paper trail of documentation through a web of phony companies and fake addresses from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, to New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates that the gunrunners used to mask their movements and make it difficult for investigators to trace their illegal cargoes.
Israel Radio said he had entered the Sinai using one of the tunnels that Palestinian commercial smugglers and gunrunners use to circumvent Egypt's border clampdowns.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) interviewed several sources within the black market of weapons smuggling who spoke of Bout's "deep connections" with Ernst Werner Glatt, allegedly one of Washington's favorite gunrunners during the Cold War.
Illegal immigrants, drug dealers, car-jackers, banned drivers and gunrunners, were just some of the law-breakers being tracked by number-plate recognition technology on a section of the M6 north of Coventry yesterday .
Patrick Swayze (above, with Brenda Strong and Erin Broderick) stars as a former jailbird who goes back to his job as a trucker to support his wife and daughter, only to discover he's been tricked into delivering an illegal arms shipment and is wanted by the FBI, rival gunrunners and other assorted villains.
Since it was formed by Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe, Matrix officers have used a mix of undercover and intelligence-led operations to bring gunrunners, drug dealers and armed robbers to justice.
Gunrunners shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.
Such an environment is a good breeding ground for terrorists, gunrunners, and drug traffickers.
The PSNI and the NIO can issue personal protection weapons to convicted terrorists, gunrunners and bombers without question.
Labour made a manifesto commitment in 2001 to clamp down on gunrunners "wherever they are based".
Because of this the fingerprints of British gunrunners are smeared all over weapons sent to some of the world's bloodiest conflicts where Oxfam works.
Italian authorities suspect that Minin may have ties to a number of other Eastern European gunrunners who have been arrested in their country over the past few years.
Though Simmons lost three fingers and an ear in a raucous poker game with a couple of Croat gunrunners who had joined the Legion to escape prosecution at home, he was happy to be back.
While we aren't the gunrunners and merchants of death the lightweight yuppie press says we are, we have to realize that a growing public concern about Y2K may create a panic-buying atmosphere for guns, ammunition, and other "survivalist" commodities.