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a bag made of burlap

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He said that process of distribution of gunny bags to the cultivators would be started from April 25 in district Khushab.
Tenders are invited for Second Hand Empty Gunny Bag
Najam Sethi warned that nepotism, recommendations and corruption in the issuance of gunny bags would not be tolerated.
He added that gunny bags would be issued on merit and added that different committees have been formed which would visit at the wheat procurement centres to ensure transparency.
He directed the officials concerned to ensure the provision of gunny bags to farmers without any discrimination, and transparency in buying wheat produce should be maintained in the light of procurement policy of the Punjab government.
The Minister said this while taking strict notice of complaints regarding wheat procurement and distribution of gunny bags.
Molecular biology kits, Paper Bags, Selfing Bags, Germination Paper & Filter Papers, Gunny Bags & HDPE Bags etc.
The Minister said farmers would be refunded security of gunny bags at the completion of its purchase.
The chief minister on media report about the shortage of gunny bags, directed all the commissioners and deputy commissioners to ensure judicious distribution of gunny bags to farmers for the newly launched wheat procurement drive by the provincial food department.
According to police, the bodies were stuffed in gunny bags.
Speaking on the occasion, the SCAs President Dr Syed Nadeem informed that the provincial government had announced that gunny bags of 100 kilogrammes and 50-kgs would be given free to the farmers.
He said the department had worked out all important tasks regarding procurement like purchase of gunny bags and it was ready to start procurement in time.
Tenders are invited for protective work at indus side abutment and approach road of samroghat bridge by providing toe wall made of gunny bags duly filled in with sand along with eucalyptus bullah piling and pitching the slopes with gunny bags etc.
MULTAN -- Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Bosan Friday said that the quota of gunny bags has been extended by 12 bags per acre instead of eight bags.