Cynomys gunnisoni

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tail is white tipped

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Response of raptors to reduction of a Gunnison's prairie dog population by plague.
And further west, where the largest remaining complexes of both white-tailed and Gunnison's prairie dogs are found, periodic epizootics of sylvatic plague hold back ferret recovery potential.
Main goals of our study were to analyze vigilance behavior by Gunnison's prairie dog in relation to their mounds and to evaluate the magnitude of mixing of soil via building mounds.
These periods correspond to bimodal activity peaks of Gunnison's prairie dog (Longhurst, 1944; Rayor, 1988).
Observations on the biology of Gunnison's prairie dog in central Colorado.
Social organization and space-use in Gunnison's prairie dog.
1) Gunnison's prairie dogs use mounds for vigilance; vigilance increases with taller vegetation.
A colony of Gunnison's prairie dogs is also protected in Santa Fe, New Mexico's municipal park.
The Gunnison's prairie dogs that Slobodchikoff studies are unlikely to understand the calls of Mexican prairie dogs, Slobodchikoff said.
In conclusion, selfish herd behavior cannot be dismissed as a possible explanation of the coloniality of Gunnison's prairie dogs, and our investigations will continue.
Duration of gestation and lactation for Gunnison's prairie dogs.
Philopatry, dispersal, and social organization of Gunnison's prairie dogs.
Effects of habitat quality on growth, age of the first reproduction, and dispersal in Gunnison's prairie dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni).