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had a long and distinguished career, qualified as a Gunnery Officer, as a Signals Officer and a Logistics Officer.
According to eyewitness Tommy Byers, a gunnery officer on board HMS Rodney, Hitler's giant battleship hoisted a black flag - the naval sign for a truce.
We tried to get out of the starboard door, the gunnery officer was just in front of me and the navigating officer stood to one side to let me go through.
Drawing on his experience as a gunnery officer in the USS Maury, Crenshaw, now retired from the US Navy, gives an account of the battle for the Solomon Islands in early 1943 from the perspective of the decks of one of the destroyers that bore the brunt of the struggle.
Early appointments included two years based in Hong Kong as the gunnery officer of HMS Peacock.
Young Joe Reeves had graduated from the Naval Academy and established himself as a superb engineering and gunnery officer.
He received an English degree from Fordham University in 1956, then served for six months as a gunnery officer in Korea.
Granum, who held a degree in engineering from the University of Minnesota, served two tours of duty as a gunnery officer on destroyers between 1945 47 and in the Korean conflict, 1951-53.
Lt Cdr John Childs, gunnery officer on HMS Liverpool, said the threat was "very real and very serious".