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a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten

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Pal James Manclark, 67, said: "Bill totally lived and breathed the gunfighting and cowboy life.
During the seventeen-year run of the Capricorn Traveling Wild West Revue, a pioneer in the genre, which toured the fairgrounds of the East and the Northern and Central Near West to dazzle audiences with the theatre of staged gunfighting and other feats of cowboy heroics, functioning under the auspices of the Capricorn Firearm Manufacturing Corporation--at first as a showcase to demonstrate the company's wide and storied catalogue, and later as a profitable enterprise in and of itself--one man held the distinction of being the Revue's longest-appearing player.
Agnew presents Smoking Gun: The True Story about Gunfighting in the Old West, a no-nonsense study of what real-life gunfights in the American West truly were like, what drove the gunfighter, and why gunfight battles happened between 1865 and 1900.
As the law turns a blind eye to their troubles, the locals need a saviour - who arrives in the form of a mysterious preacher with lethal gunfighting skills.
The gunfighting broke after the militant holed up in a house opened fire on the search party.
Sharon Stone rides into the town of Redemption for a deadly gunfighting competition run by evil Gene Hackman.
This is the first time we have succeeded in bringing modern-day gunfighting marksmanship to regular troops.
Obviously, very different from the stylized gunfighting in "The Matrix.
In George Stevens's Shane, the titular hero gives up his gunfighting past until, moved by the plight of the Starrett family, he takes up arms against the Ryker gang.
Not least, as The People reports today, just two miles down the road in the rundown, gunfighting Bronx of Britain, otherwise known as Manchester's Moss Side.
The tension of street gunfighting thus turns into destructive shadow, or historical nightmare, drawing helpless civilians into it: "[every] mornin' I get outa bed an' I look outa the window an' the soldiers is still there.
IT COMES AS no surprise that the first rule of gunfighting is "Never bring a knife to a gunfight.
Prospective gun owners receive a manual on how to carry a gun for personal protection, from gunfighting tactics covering when and how to shoot to how to avoid trouble, choose an appropriate handgun, and more.
The book is crammed with pop-cultural references, too: Boy George shows up, as does Yul Brynner's gunfighting robot from Westworld (1973), and Elvis appears in the role of the king.
From driving cattle to gunfighting to catching and cooking Western Diamondback rattlers, Roger takes on the extreme elements of the cowboy's golden age.