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the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally

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After all, in the context of both law and constitutional authority at the time, both the Larne gun-running and the 1916 Rising were treasonous activities, and those so engaged were "terrorists".
important to continue the combating of gun-running according to UN Security
1 for homes 8&9 SPOOKS' STING Our special report reveals how cops teamed up with MI5 spymasters to nail gun-running gangster Paul Ferris 17 JACKIE BIRD Let's not put off our next generation of young scientists and doctors by making the school labs no-go zones 54 CROSSWORD Answer the clues and win yourself pounds 100, plus have a giggle at the weird stories hitting the worldwide news GREAT OFFERS ULTIMATE GIRLIE DAY OUT: Fifty lucky readers can win a pair of tickets to the fantastic Girls' Day Out event at Glasgow's SECC, which runs from October 23 to 25.
Among them was a "thrill-seeking rich kid" who helped run the biggest gun-running gang ever uncovered in the UK.
In the first of a five-part story, new recruit PC Mel Ryder (Rhea Bailey) is teamed up with Smithy on her first day and a break-in leads to the discovery of a gun-running operation.
He'd been stopped on suspicion of gun-running while returning from Jersey after filming an episode of Bergerac.
I have spent hundreds of hours playing various editions of Grand Theft Auto--those roundly condemned video games that simulate a day in the life of a gun-running, pedestrian-violating, traffic-signal-disobeying car thief--and I have yet to exhibit such antisocial behavior on America's real-life roadways.
A GUN-RUNNING ship which once carried passengers between North Wales and Liverpool is the centrepiece of a new exhibition.
Our informant could not be sure the gun-running did not involve Birmingham-made rifles but thought it unlikely that many had found their way abroad.
The Today item also suggested he had been involved in gun-running and drug trafficking.
But Ray never offered more than his longstanding claim that a man known only as Raul directed him to the scene of the assassination, for what he thought would be a gun-running scheme.
A FORMER US stockbroker sent 400 pistols to the IRA in a gun-running operation allegedly set up by a top Sinn Fein Haass talks negotiator, it was claimed last night.
A BAND of women at the centre of one of Britain's deadliest gun-running rackets were caught on film in a Channel 4 documentary.
Nicola Whittaker, 35, narrowly avoided jail after admitting leading a lavish life with her gun-running ex-partner Paul Wilson.