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Larry Hyatt, owner of North Carolina-based Hyatt Gun Shop, which claims to be America's largest independently owned gun store, said he had a line out the door on Saturday, forcing him to call in extra salespeople.
The owner of the gun shop told WRDW that he regretted taking a life but he "did what he had to do.
Hayat Al-Ghamdi | Arab News <p>ABHA: Preparations are underway to open three gun shops in the south of the Kingdom following a recent Interior Ministry decision to relax the law on the sale of arms.
Most of the gun shops in southern Alberta are run by decent, helpful folks who love to talk guns and tell tales and kill off a pot of bad coffee.
Ian Okell, owner of Dragon Field Sports in Wrexham, said the regulation of gun shops would not tackle the real problem - that of the illegal gun trade.
30-30 Marlin bought from a gun shop some minutes before.
This is the first evidence that says it's quite easy for a felon to walk into a gun shop and buy ammunition,'' said Greg Ridgeway, associate director for safety and justice for Rand.
How many times have you found yourself sitting on the front porch sipping a mint julep 'round about midnight when you suddenly feel an overwhelming desire to handle an automatic rifle or even a siege weapon, only to realize that the gun shop is closed for the weekend?
ROMANIA'S Orthodox Church plans to suspend 10 priests who were filmed while blessing Bucharest brothels, sex stores and a gun shop.
He could have been a poster boy for the NRA: a Korean War veteran and retired gun shop owner on his way to the shooting range when he came across the besieged officer.
Nine years ago, Mr Lamb was working at a gun shop in Colchester when 19-year-old Colin Budd burst in brandishing a sawn-off shotgun.
As a remedy, the plaintiffs seek to compel a trio of villages that have gun shops within their limits to adopt gun shop licensing schemes similar to that put in place by the City of Chicago.
The Pro Arms Gun Shop, thanks to diligent research, will receive maximum profit from a gun it bought for its owner's asking price.
WMBF reports out of Florence County, South Carolina, that a local gun shop is using some innovative techniques to prepare gun owners.
MANASSAS, VA, November 19) The day of the little Mom & Pop gun shop seem to be waning.