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the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally

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A consortium of US groups including Children's Defense Fund, the Brady Campaign, and Physicians for Social Responsibility released a letter signed by over 50 state and national groups calling on Congress to stop gun running in the US by closing the gun show loophole.
Liberia's Deputy Information Minister, Mr Milton Teahjay, alleged that they had filmed without permission and were planning to broadcast unsubstantiated claims that the Liberian state was involved in gun running and diamond smuggling.
A CALL for a mistrial in a case of three men accused of a gun running racket which was smashed at Coventry Airport has been refused.
The FBI's Cybercrime Crackdown" - With computer hacking and virus threats rapidly increasing (up 20% since 2001), cybercrime has become one of the FBI's top priorities - even above fraud, drugs, and gun running.
THE PUP has dismissed claims retailers were leaned on to hand over cash for a UVF gun running commemoration.
Linked to drug and gun running and murder, they insist individual members are to blame.
Activists from around the world will join against the twin global phenomena of gun running and gun violence.
McIntyre's family claim FBI agents told Bulger - one of the bureau's key informants against the Italian mafia - about McIntyre's whistle-blowing of the gun running and other crimes.
After risking their lives in undercover work to take down the Mr Bigs of crime - from drugs to gun running - they are demoralised and humiliated to just go back on the beat, giving out speeding tickets and so on.
They were responding to calls from the public who had seen a young man with a gun running down the street and into the house.
THE four teenagers arrested on suspicion of murdering Ben are linked to a fearsome drug dealing and gun running gang called The Untouchables.
Slavery, gun running, rape and drug trafficking spiral as criminal gangs run amok while troops and cops struggle to feed people from too few resources.
Mr Varmah accused the TV crew of activities connected with "diamond smuggling, gun running, support of the RUF and human rights abuses".
ON JANUARY 2 under the headline "IRA gun running suspect does a runner and skips bail" we alleged that Jacqueline McIntyre had failed to turn up to a hearing at the Special Criminal Court to answer gun running charges and was being hunted by the Garda, who could not trace her.
He said Ackerman ,55, who has admitted gun running, had fooled his client into carrying the arsenal to avoid justice.