spree killer

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a serial killer whose murders occur within a brief period of time

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THE dad of mass murderer Anders Breivik was ready to kill himself in the wake of his son's gun rampage.
A decision to let mass killer Anders Breivik study a university course alongside young people like those he massacred in a gun rampage has been defended by the institution's rector.
He said it was "a miracle" no one else had died during the gun rampage during a civic visit by Southampton's mayor and also schoolchildren who had just left when Donovan started firing.
BNA) -- A Norwegian court today sentenced Anders Behring Breivik, the 33-year-old man who killed 77 people in a bomb attack and gun rampage just over a year ago, to 21 years in prison, the maximum possible jail term in the country.
The 32-year-old Norwegian has admitted in court that he was behind the bombing in Oslo and the Utoya Island gun rampage.
The controlled explosion on Tuesday night came after police named four of the victims, including three caught up in the city centre bombing and a 23-year-old shot dead in the Utoeya Island gun rampage.
Cumbria Constabulary ordered an inquiry into the force's issue of the licences to the taxi driver in the wake of his gun rampage this year.
KILLER: Derrick Bird MEMORIAL: Hundreds brave heavy rain to attend an outdoor church service in Seascale, Cumbria, to remember the victims of the gun rampage, which included Liverpool-born Michael Pike (inset)
British police are searching for the motive behind a taxi driver's deadly gun rampage that left 12 people dead and more than 20 wounded.
The vicious murders of a Jewish woman, three Asians and an African American made it clear -- as was the case in a previous Pittsburgh gun rampage, and in similar shootings in Los Angeles and Chicago -- that these acts are not merely expressions of psychotic rage -- they represent the deliberate targeting of victims because of their race, religion or color.
The pair, who married at Briar Court Hotel last month, are around three miles from the scene where 39 people were killed in the gun rampage.
A VICTIM has spoken of their 'relief' after the death of serial killer Barry Williams, who shot dead five people including three neighbours during a gun rampage in the 1970s.
Epidemic of gun violence - On May 23, a student with mental problems, the son of a Hollywood director, went on a gun rampage at a college campus in Santa Barbara, north of Los Angeles, killing six people and then himself.
THE man suspected of killing three police officers in a gun rampage in Canada told police, "I'm done" when they cornered him yesterday.
Moat's gun rampage began during the early hours of July 3.