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a type of bronze used for parts subject to wear or corrosion (especially corrosion by sea water)

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The Kia Sportage Axis special edition offers Dark Gun Metal paint as an option
Finish: ExtemeCoat (XCOAT) flat Gun Metal Grey, Sights: Fiber optic front blade and ghost ring rear, Stock= Hogue, Value: $1,199
party eyes Sisley's Phyto Star Eyes Pallette now comes in stunning metallic gun metal shades of white pearl, black star, silver moon and blue lagoon - wear them on their own or combine the first and you get a smoky pearlised turquoise while the pearl acts as an iridescent highlighter.
And the new special edition comes with unique gun metal coloured roof rails, front grille, alloy wheels and front and rear skid plates.
The collection that I showcased called 'Gray Matter' and the entire collection was in gun metal gray.
Sutton claims this is the cheapest way to refresh a high-tab motor and he's been asked to wrap everything from gun metal Astons to pink Lamborghinis.
There are gun metal grey coloured seven-spoke alloy wheels for the standard and Premium Edition models, while the Black Edition gets the same wheels in black.
There are gun metal grey coloured seven-spoke alloy wheels for the standard and premium models, while the black edition gets the same wheels in black.
95, available at Superdrug, or Nails Inc Limited Edition A/WTrio, including Maddox Street gun metal grey, pounds 20 (www.
It swivels through 270-degrees (no idea why), has a scan resolution of 800dpi, a range of 1m and comes in silver, blue or gun metal colors.
The medal is supplied by London jewellers, Messrs Hancocks and Co, and is made from gun metal from Russian guns captured in the Crimean War looked after by the 15 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps in Donnington.
Now the Criminal Record Centre Research Department (CRCRD) of the South African Police Services has scored a major breakthrough in forensic technology with its magnetic yoke that retrieves serial numbers in gun metal that have been removed by grinding or other means.
He once said of his drug addiction: ``It's like I've got a shotgun in my mouth, with my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.
New in a limited number of outlets are early releases from the '97 Ray- Ban collection, including frames in gun metal or brown, with a choice of mirrored silver, blue or gold lenses.
Calvin Klein's new collection used deep coffee, gun metal, forest and veridian green.