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Synonyms for gummy

Synonyms for gummy

having the property of adhering

Synonyms for gummy

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

covered with adhesive gum


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Because of the natural shape and feel, gummy bear implants are a great option for patients who are hoping to restore a natural breast appearance.
The World's Largest Gummy Bear is not intended for one man to eat in one sitting (unless that one man happens to be Michael Phelps)," said the company.
The YummyEarth Organic Gummy Bears and YummyEarth Organic Gummy Worms are gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, soy-free, GMO-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free and have no artificial dyes, no MSG and no corn syrup.
L'il Critters Groovy Calcium Gummy Bears contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
As a result, our Expo exhibit will feature a variety of contract packaging solutions for gummy bears, including bottle filling, horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal, trial-sized pouches, zipper pouches and flat-bottomed bags.
com) unveils The Summerfield Gummy Bear Bed, made on-location with 26,135 gummy bears, to help launch the retailer's new bed in a box The Craig's Bed by Summerfield.
A bit skinnier than chicken eggs, the pterosaur eggs probably had a cushiony membrane covered with a thin shell, like a gummy bear with an M&M coating.
Miss Evans also suggests the flavours offered, including strawberry milkshake, gummy bear and bubble gum are designed to appeal to youngsters.
But recently, I have seen the future of drug delivery and it all started with a bear - a gummy bear that is.
If you don't start flossing regularly, you're going to end up a gummy bear.
A picture made available yesterday shows Riegel with a stuffed Haribo gummy bear outside of the Haribo factory in Bonn.
It states that if Lionel Messi, for example, goes on a darting run through the South Korean defence, juggling the Jabulani like nobody else can, the only thing the broadcaster can repeat for the viewer is slow-motion images of Diego Maradona jumping about like a deranged, bearded Gummy Bear who has drunk too much Gummiberry Juice.
The Lecture Series legacy lives on in the jujube, liquorice, and gummy bear models of DNA (with a few mutants
Although Ed has packed a cooler full of beer, he's forgotten to bring worms, and Garnet must fish with a gummy bear for bait.
I get to be a gummy bear for the day - my lifetime ambition.