Bursera simaruba

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tropical American tree yielding a reddish resin used in cements and varnishes

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Gumbo Limbo is the product of a unique partnership of the city of Boca Raton, the Palm Beach School District, a beach and parks tax district, Florida Atlantic University and Gumbo Limbo Inc.
This popular program sends kids, families, foresters, and photographers into the woods and across neighborhoods in the hunt for massive examples of trees as common at dogwood and white oak and as exotic as gumbo limbo and anacahuite.
He told us that that gumbo limbo tree is called the ``tourist tree'' because its bark peels when exposed to a lot of sunlight.
Eseau's Gumbo Limbo Soda Fountain and Cafe in Gumbo Grove and for Vernon "Snake" LaRange's Studio Paradise nightclub in A Blessing in Disguise.
Fairgoers will be able to paint a 50' mural with marine artist Wyland each day; meet and "Rock for the Planet" with Disney Channel and Radio Disney teen stars Anna Margaret, Jasmine Sagginario, and Ryan Newman; transform into a drop of water and find their way to the ocean at the Water's Extreme Journey Maze; become a water change agent at the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center; see how the Grand Canyon was formed; watch popcorn being made from the sun; take photos with Spouty the Whale, the official fair mascot; learn about the latest electric hybrid cars; preview organic fashions; sample organic food; visit the Gumbo Limbo Nature exhibit at the Kids Eco-Zone; tour his exhibition at the Boca Raton Museum of Art and more.
The meticulously landscaped property is dotted with mature trees including towering centenary Canarian Date Palms, royal palms, royal poincianas, mahogany, oak and gumbo limbo trees, some which are nearly as old as the house itself, some much older, as well as a stately banyan tree that straddles the property and a hidden cobblestone path.
With Red Maple, Bald Cypress, Gumbo Limbo, Live Oak, Leather Fern, Wild Coffee, Wax Myrtle and Simpson Stopper, he adds, the dedicated, 3,000-sq.
section, featuring Red Maple, Bald Cypress, Gumbo Limbo, Live Oak, Leather Fern, Wild Coffee, Wax Myrtle and Simpson Stopper, helps re-colonization of native species and Increases foraging habitats for wading birds.
The poolside Gumbo Limbo Bar and Osprey Veranda follow in the normal island tradition, offering frozen specialties and other flavorful tropical libations.
Guests staying at the Golf Resort will have beach access via the complimentary resort shuttle to Vanderbilt Beach, with full Ritz-Carlton beach services and amenities as well as beachfront dining at Gumbo Limbo restaurant.