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a small rubbery granuloma that is characteristic of an advanced stage of syphilis

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Guma added that the Ma'alia native administration allowed the investigation team to undertake all the actions needed to fulfill it mission and achieve its goals.
Prevalence cattle screened (+) ve (%) Oju LGA Oju Grazing Reserve 166 10 6 Guma LGA Wanune/Tyullen 144 5 3.
No one has seen Guma since," Fort Lauderdale police wrote in a statement, (http://abcnews.
Guma El Gamaty stressed the importance of building a party with a widely representative membership reflecting all regions and cultures in Libya.
Jose Guma, based in Cordoba, Argentina, is launching the Due line of soaps, body creams, shampoos and conditioners in Brazil.
Earlier, the UK head of the newly-recognised Libyan government, Dr Guma el-Gamaty, had claimed that the release of the bomber had sent out the "wrong signal", handing Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi "a political and diplomatic victory".
NTC spokesman Guma al-Gamati welcomed the move, saying that it was a matter of "when, not if " Gaddafi was forced out of power in Tripoli.
Oshimaliwa shono ngele oshe ya po megumbo, ki na uuthemba woku shi guma, oshoka ohe ya e shi pule ndje sha gwana pa.
Yesterday, Guma el-Gamaty, a London-based spokesman for the rebels' political leadership council, said opposition fighters had taken control of a large area on the western side of the city.
Votes were cast across the world and Rodreck took second place with an impressive 89,162 votes, compared to his main rival, Lance Guma, who only just claimed the title with almost 90,000 votes.
According to reports, the British-based representative of the Libyan opposition leadership, Guma al-Gamaty, said it would look carefully at the AU plan, but would not accept any deal designed to keep Gaddafi or his sons in place.
This is what La Guma set himself to do; his writings bristle with the Jamesonian "political unconscious" as well as reverberates with apartheid South Africa's "national allegory" (Ahmad 1986: 3).
In the Sunni Arab world, hymen repair has become a subject of considerable controversy due to a public statement in 2007 by the Mufti of Egypt, Guma a, declaring the operation to be allowed according to Islamic law.
Said Guma Hamed al Aloriemy, an eco guide at Ras al Jinz, said, AoThe egg-laying seasons starts in June and ends in August.
This was the case with Guma (Rubber), a piece I created in December 2008, again under the auspices of Warsaw's Museum of Modern Art.