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They want nothing to do with either our romantic tableaux of charming wild beasts that want to be our friends or our screwy fantasies where gulos play the role of diabolical enemies.
Meet Gulo the Savage, a new threat to the Abbey of Redwall who has killed his own brother to seize a fabled Walking Stone of conquest.
In Andar district, a Taliban commander identified as Mullah Fazal Rahman with two others were killed last night when they were making bombs which detonated prematurely in the house of the commander in Gulo village, the district chief Yousuf Seraji told Pajhwok Afghan News.
A'a Gulo, a staff member at the Nias coordinating post for natural disaster, told Kyodo News from the island town of Gunung Sitoli that most of the dead are from the village of Lahusa, the hardest-hit area.
The main data (outside the OVC-area) were collected by the field workers of Natural Heritage Services simultaneously with snow-tracking studies of big carnivores (Canis lupus, Gulo gulo, and Lynx lynx), searching nests of golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos), and controlling hunting and other activities in the wilderness.