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deep ditch cut by running water (especially after a prolonged downpour)

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Grandpa Gulley told him he would have to wait till he was 18 on July 2, 1942.
Chapter 1 introduces the topic, with Gulley focusing on the contextual background for AElfric's work.
In Texas, Gulley is known for deploying a plan to save San Antonio's water supply, the Edwards Aquifer, along with rare salamanders and other animals that depend on it.
Gulley hosted a Welcome Tiki Party at Tiki's Grill and Bar for the wedding guests.
Around 50 metres of the cornice on the ledge collapsed, and tumbled down the gulley.
Chris Walton, housing manager at WWHA, said: "The improvements to the gulley have made a major difference to both Treseder Way and Bromley Drive residents.
It's hard to argue with that logic after Gulley scored 21 points, hitting 6 of 12 shots from the field and 7 of 8 from the line, while holding Rogers' All-Staler and ArkansasSports360.
For more information on the books by Philip Gulley, go to www.
According to the memo, the dispute had been simmering for two weeks: Gulley was mad because Adams and his cousin, who lived near Gulley, regularly drove fast down Edenvale Road.
Richard Gulley, the late openly gay former aide to MGM studio boss Jack Warner, explaining his claim that Spencer Tracy was bisexual, as quoted in the April issue of Vanity Fair
Emergency services went to the scene at Market Street after a call from the woman's boyfriend, and discovered her jammed in a narrow gulley.
There are two cinema halls separated by a gulley of light that, running from east to west along the whole depth of the building, opens out on the east into a glass foyer (504) with views of the sea, sky and boats.
Mr Lloyd added: "We would urge anybody not to use the gullies on the west side of Tryfan, except the main gulley.
A 12-year-old boy suffered head and arm injuries after falling 20ft off a rope swing into a gulley.