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a warm ocean current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico northward through the Atlantic Ocean

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Even today, he says, a seafloor feature about 100 km southwest of the berg-scoured region--a broad area called the Charleston Bump--can cause instabilities in the Gulf Stream that deflect the current offshore for a few weeks at a time, causing reversals in the coastal current.
This fresh water could dilute the salinity of the Gulf Stream, which would mean that it would no longer sink to the bottom of the ocean near Iceland and begin its return trip to the Pacific.
Loomis is the grand-prize winner in "The Great RV Giveaway," a national contest sponsored by Gulf Stream and Workhorse Custom Chassis.
For a free list of all IGFA junior world records, a junior world record application and a sample junior newsletter, write to: Kathy Corser, International Game Fish Association, 300 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach, Fla.
He said the current icy weather gripping Wales was unrelated to global warming or other climate trends - but it could be a foretaste of what winters will be like in Wales if the Gulf Stream weakens or moves south.
By day, Vanderwal and his coworkers track continuing climatic catastrophes, such as quick melting of Arctic ice into the North Atlantic, stalling of the Gulf Stream, and a feedback loop that produces melting at the poles.
They postulated that moisture carried northward by the Gulf Stream was transported by prevail ing westerly winds to Eurasia.
WORKHORSE CUSTOM CHASSIS & GULF STREAM COACH RV GIVEAWAY - Terry Loomis (second from right) was surprised with an early Christmas gift on Tuesday from Brian Shea (left), president of Gulf Stream Coach, and Tony Monda (right), director of marketing for Highland Park, Ill.
The cluster of five islands that make up St Kilda are in the path of the Gulf Stream, which carries warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the north Atlantic.
SIR - With reference to 'Europe could be plunged into another ice age' (Western Mail, December 26), the Gulf Stream will never switch off because of a melting Greenland ice-sheet drowning it with cold water.
Gulf Stream Coach is a privately held, family owned, full-line manufacturer of fine recreational vehicles.
In particular, a change in the Gulf Stream's angle of separation causes a change in the trajectory of the DWBC, while an increase in Gulf Stream transport leads to a weakening of the DWBC.
Following the devastating tornado that damaged the east side of Nappanee, Indiana on the evening of October 18, 2007, Gulf Stream Coach and Fairmont Homes, Inc.
The Tour Master Constellation will showcased at the 45th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky from November 27th - November 29th in the Gulf Stream Coach display.
The weather's icy grip on Wales since before Christmas is unrelated to global warming or other climate trends - but it shows what life will be like in Wales every winter if the Gulf Stream weakens or moves south.
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