Gulf of St. Lawrence

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an arm of the northwest Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Canada

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Preliminary research on spermathecal loads among primiparous and multiparous females in the eastern Bering Sea has shown that they were significantly lower than those of females in the Gulf of St.
Common eiders wintering in Greenland cross Davis Strait, while those wintering in the Gulf of St.
Here they hit the jackpot, a rich and vulnerable supply route that came through the Gulf of St.
After normalization and subtraction of an estimated marine reservoir age of 530 years, averaged from values given for northern and southwestern Gulf of St.
Supervised by the Canadian Forces Experimentation Centre (CFEC), the Atlantic Littoral ISR Experiment (ALIX) ran from August 22 through August 31 on Baffin Island and in the Gulf of St.
Frances then moved northeasterly into West Virginia and across New York and dissipated over the Gulf of St.
During three days of superb summer weather they have steamed down the Gulf of St.
Shad runs from Florida's St Johns River in late January or early February and reaches the Gulf of St.
Buccinum undatum is the most abundant carnivore in the benthic community in the Mingan Islands in the northern Gulf of St.
Only the reduction of the high-plains natural ecosystem by our industrial economy can compete for that dubious distinction (although Canadian author Farley Mowatt might place the Euro-American devastation of the Gulf of St.
Hunting groups among the' Montagnais-Naskapi of Quebec between Hudson Bay and the Gulf of St.