Gulf of St. Lawrence

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an arm of the northwest Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Canada

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Interannual variability (1948-1994) of the CIL core temperature in the Gulf of St.
The views of rock, sculpted dunes, sandy beaches, and estuaries of the Gulf of St.
The male and the female wintering in Newfoundland averaged 1481 km from their molting location to their wintering site, and the female wintering in the Gulf of St.
There was also a failed English attempt in 1597 to oust French and Basque walrus hunters from the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St.
Timing of the migration of snow crabs to shallow and potentially warmer waters in the spring in the Gulf of St.
Bourque and LaBar focus their book on the Penobscots, Passamaquoddies, Maliseets, and Micmac, who live between the Gulf of St.
Seal, hunted as food for generations in Canada's Gulf of St.
5; normalized to 8634 [+ or -] 320 BP) on three paired valves of Hiatella arctica (Linne) occupying cavities bored by them in limestone breccia at 6 m asl, at Cow Head, Newfoundland, on the Gulf of St.
Fish kills are not new to this small, 150-mile-long island nestled between the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St.
While the Earth's crust had been depressed under the enormous weight of kilometre-thick ice sheets, shallow marine waters spread from the Gulf of St.
state of Maine on the west; Quebec and Chaleur Bay on the north; the Gulf of St.
Canada's coast guard, responsible for operating the country's fleet of 19 ice-breaking vessels, says it's impractical to keep an icebreaker in such a remote location, when they're needed to clear the seaways of more well-travelled routes, such as the Gulf of St.