Gulf of Saint Lawrence

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an arm of the northwest Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Canada

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Landings of herring from the Gulf of St Lawrence to Georges Bank peaked at over 900,000 t in 1968, declining steadily thereafter (Anthony and Waring, 1980).
Jacques Cartier, on his second voyage to Canada, 1535-1536, found farming/fishing villages scattered along the north shore of the river from the Gulf of St Lawrence to Hochelaga (Montreal).
Abbastar") a TSX Venture company based in Vancouver British Columbia, whereby Abbastar may earn up to 70% interest in the Doran uranium prospect situated in Costebelle Township, on the North Shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence in south eastern Quebec.
In 2007, 99% of the pups born in the Southern Gulf of St Lawrence died due to lack of ice.
This type of ecosystem is unique, and is the second largest of its kind in the world, second only to the Gulf of St Lawrence in Nova Scotia.
Byline: DENNIS ELLAM and ROLAND LEON in the Gulf of St Lawrence
Treacherous conditions - and renewed tensions with protesters - failed to stop 70 sealing vessels sailing into the Gulf of St Lawrence.
Cunard's four-funnelled beauty Aquitania should have had a top-notch send off from Liverpool's Princes Landing Stage in May, 1914, but celebrations were abruptly cancelled because - the day before - Canadian Pacific's Empress of Ireland, in-bound for Liverpool, sank in the Gulf of St Lawrence with more than 700 lives lost (LDP Maritime No 046
The hunt was held in the Gulf of St Lawrence off the coast of Quebec and in the frozen barrens of the Atlantic Ocean off Newfoundland.
But the conservation group claimed its ship was rammed twice by the 321ft icebreaker Des Groseilliers in the Gulf of St Lawrence.
The former Beatle made the appeal after he and his wife Heather visited the country's Gulf of St Lawrence.