Gulf of Sidra

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wide inlet of the Mediterranean Sea on the north coast of Libya

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Tripoli's control over the Sahara and Gulf of Sirte oilfields was wrested away by armed militias.
The clash occurred in the Gulf of Sirte off the Libyan coast.
Alternattiva Demokratika this afternoon expressed concern about drilling in the Gulf of Sirte which is being taken in hand by BP.
The new site in the Gulf of Sirte will be more than 1700 metres below sea level -200 metres deeper than the Gulf of Mexico well that exploded in April, killing 11 oil workers.
We expect to begin the first well in the next few weeks," spokesman David Nicholas told AFP, adding that the 2007 deal signed with Libya to explore the Gulf of Sirte included commitments to drill five wells.
Offshore, there is a relatively narrow continental shelf and slope in the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Sirte, which widens to the west in the Gulf of Gabes.
In Libya, it shuttles oil workers for Sirte Oil Co between Tripoli in the west, oilfields and company offices at Marsa el Brega in the eastern corner of the Gulf of Sirte.
5 Km pipeline will connect the field to the Waha Oil Company's Samah production facility, from where an existing trunk line transports the oil to the Es Sider terminal on the Gulf of Sirte.
Offshore, there is a relatively narrow shelf and slope in the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Sirte.
The kingdom pumped an extra million barrels to its current 10 million barrel level to prevent an oil spiral after Libya's militias/tribes seized oil ports/terminals in the Gulf of Sirte after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.
Applied on a scale which a country like Libya can make possible, the resultant energy potentials this country can have will be huge and will have positive implications on the parts of Southern Europe facing the Gulf of Sirte.
Backed by NATO helicopters, the rebels, who have tried for the past three weeks to seize the vital port, also vowed that in "a few days" they plan to retake Brega on the Gulf of Sirte.
Nestled on the Gulf of Sirte, Brega is made up of three areas, a residential area in the east, a major oil facility in the west and an old town in between.
In total, there are around 600 troops on these three ships," he said, adding the vessels were heading for the Gulf of Sirte to Tripoli.