Gulf of Sidra

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wide inlet of the Mediterranean Sea on the north coast of Libya

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RED LINE--Colonel Qadhdhafi's Libya claimed all of the Gulf of Sidra.
The story concludes by looking at what the Air Force harvested from this project--from the combat performance over the Gulf of Sidra, to the war in the Balkans, to the skies over Iraq.
Rebel forces argued that Colonel Moammar Gaddafi struck an oil pipeline leading to the Gulf of Sidra, a body of water in the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Libya, about 550 km (340 miles) east of Tripoli and also dropped bombs on tanks in the area of Ras Lanuf.
Protesters have claimed control all the way to the city of Ajdabiya, about 480 miles east of Tripoli, encroaching on the key oil fields around the Gulf of Sidra.
The memorandum outlines the undisclosed terms for construction of a shipping port and related infrastructure, a water desalination plant and 1,000 houses in an area near the Gulf of Sidra.