Gulf of Siam

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an arm of the South China Sea between Indochina and the Malay Peninsula

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Faced with the old captain's curse, the young captain refuses to believe that "a dead man has the power to put out of joint" the weather in the Gulf of Siam (232).
Koh Samui's proximity to the hub of Bangkok and its tranquil setting in the Gulf of Siam mean it is increasingly attracting the upper end travellers who used to go to Phuket.
The cruiser, Minor Affair, may be chartered by resort guests for private cruises around the Gulf of Siam, in Thailand.
This lush Six Senses property, which is just about a year old, is located on the Thai island of Koh Kood in the Gulf of Siam.
The narrator is a young officer who has just been given his first command, to captain a merchant sailing ship back to Britain from the Gulf of Siam.
Each room has a stunning view looking out across the Gulf of Siam and the other islands nearby.
Japan, the largest contributor to ADB programs in the Mekong region with $800 million in loans for seven road and hydropower projects since 1992, is jousting with China and India for dominance in Southeast Asia, especially with a developing market, Pacific ports and natural gas reserves all but confirmed under the Gulf of Siam, said Rajat Nag, general director of the ADB's Mekong Department.
If the coastal resorts on the Gulf of Siam are a dream then this area of lakes and national parks surely is paradise.
The government claims the Thai national brought Saeieo and two other women to the United States to provide cheap labor for her restaurant, the Gulf of Siam.
He is unfamiliar with the Gulf of Siam, and too soon finds himself becalmed with a crew wracked with fever.
As you would expect, fish is important on the coast and around the Gulf of Siam while coconut features strongly in the South.