Gulf of Mexico

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an arm of the Atlantic to the south of the United States and to the east of Mexico

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To order this report: Oil_and_Gas_energy Industry : Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Outlook in US Gulf of Mexico to 2016 - Production Analysis, Forecasts and Details of Major Crude Oil and Natural Gas Blocks and Fields
Although scientists haven't observed fish dying in the Gulf of Mexico, J.
In the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in water depths of 70-1000 m: in the Atlantic from the northern extent of the EEZ boundary off New England, south to offshore Cape Hatteras, North Carolina at 35[degrees]N; in the Gulf of Mexico from offshore the Florida Panhandle east of Desoto Canyon at 86.
3 million gross acres) in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, including more than 200 blocks (approximately 1 million gross acres) with lower Tertiary exploratory objectives.
These 10,000 psi working pressure trees are due for delivery in the third quarter of 1994 and will be installed in Ewing Block 989 in the Gulf of Mexico.
Processing of the Gulf of Mexico WSR project is well underway and is expected to complete within 30 months.
In exchange, BP will assign Conoco at 33 percent stake in its wholly-owned Gulf of Mexico Amberjack field.
Shell Exploration and WesternGeco recently collaborated on a proprietary survey in the Gulf of Mexico applying a unique WAZ survey design to illuminate the geology beneath complex salt.
Russell Luigs, Global Marine's chairman and chief executive officer, said, "One of our 300-foot jackups in scheduled to leave the Gulf of Mexico for a term contract offshore Trinidad.
The combination will create a premier offshore exploration and production company with a highly attractive portfolio of assets in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), and the scale and scope to enhance its competitive position in all facets of the company's operations.
Gulf of Mexico to Trinidad under a six- well drilling contract with Enron Gas & Oil Trinidad Limited.
EPL") (NYSE:EPL) today announced success on the Raton prospect, its second deepwater well in the Gulf of Mexico.
NYSE:EPD) announced today that it has received initial flows of crude oil and natural gas into its Constitution oil and natural gas pipelines from Kerr-McGee's 100 percent-owned Constitution field and Kerr-McGee's and Noble Energy's 50 percent each-owned Ticonderoga field in the south Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico.
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