Gulf of Guinea

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a gulf off the southwest coast of Africa

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Members and clients with vessels operating in the Gulf of Guinea are also advised to closely monitor the situation via the IMB website and by staying in close contact with regional authorities and their local agents.
The nature and prevalence of maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea is a function of many interrelated and interacting factors.
The Gulf of Guinea is now widely regarded as the most dangerous region in the world for seafarers as the area has seen high levels of piracy continue throughout the second quarter.
With details about the region's contribution to the global supply of cotton, cacao, and fish, one need never mention oil to recognize the economic significance of the Gulf of Guinea.
She also questions what kinds of development are possible through natural resource extraction and argues that a new form of developmental state--the "petro-developmental state"--may now be emerging in the Gulf of Guinea, allowing states to capitalise on a resource that has traditionally been thought of as a "curse".
With about 70 per cent of incidents in the Gulf of Guinea never reported, there's much to be done in terms of information sharing, Rider added.
This work offers a historical and contemporary overview of maritime issues, geopolitical history, and geostrategic issues in the Gulf of Guinea, discussing threats to maritime security, such as piracy and drug trafficking, and opportunities for maritime security cooperation.
Agle called it "a coordinated effort and the biggest piece of progress in the region" since the United States began training Gulf of Guinea nations in 2009.
The Petro-Developmental State in Africa: Making Oil Work in Angola, Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea
For this second phase, the ACE submarine cable system is being extended to South Africa: a 5,000km extension from island of Sao Tome and Principe, in the Gulf of Guinea, to South Africa that will further strengthen the role ACE is playing in critical infrastructure development in the continent.
West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea account for one-third of the world's new offshore oil discoveries.
1) Yet a spate of attacks off the West African coast centered around the Gulf of Guinea (2) has drawn renewed attention from governments and shipping companies.
Finally, the Council adopted a EU strategy on the Gulf of Guinea, which can be seen as a direct preparatory measure for the upcoming summit, as High Representative Catherine Ashton pointed out in her reaction, calling the adoption a timely one and adding that "It is crucial now to support our West and Central African partners' efforts to tackle the complex challenges of maritime insecurity and organised crime".
French ships are increasingly targeted in the Gulf of Guinea where France still has strong trade connections with its former colonies.
West Africa's Gulf of Guinea had 40 piracy attacks in the first nine months of the year, compared with 10 incidents in waters around Somalia, according to data from the International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Centre.