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an eastern arm of the Baltic Sea

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This paper focuses on the potential exposure of MPAs to shipping-related pollution in the Gulf of Finland via long-range current-driven transport in the surface layer.
The latter, at times also called Estonian battle axe, has been connected with the '2nd wave of Corded Ware', which would have reached the northern shores of the Gulf of Finland from Estonia in the later 3rd millennium BC.
from Brunskar in the Archipelago Sea (A-AS), Tvarminne (H-Tva), Bay of Muuga on the northern Estonian coast of the Gulf of Finland (Muu), the Roja area of the Latvian Gulf of Riga (R-GR), and the German Kiel Fjord at the southern Baltic coast (KF);
beaucoup moins que]During the joint exercise in the Gulf of Finland the ships will test communication and train joint maneuvers," the press service said in a statement.
Moreover, the strongest storms in the Baltic Proper and in the Gulf of Finland approach from directions from which winds in general are rather infrequent [23,24].
But I had just two days to discover this superb city nestling at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland, which forms part of the Baltic Sea.
The Gulf of Finland is a narrow, shallow and ecologically vulnerable part of the Baltic Sea.
Overlooking the Gulf of Finland, the Palace of Petrodvorets or Peterhof, can be reached either by land or hydrofoil and is visually impressive, with over 300 fountains in its landscaped gardens.
Jamie Hough, Rugby, Warwickshire A ferry between the two cities over the Gulf of Finland takes around two hours and starts at [euro]24 (PS20) each way.
From there the gas will be transmitted via Russia's growing pipeline grid into the Nord Stream pipeline, which runs under the Gulf of Finland to Germany.
Experience and knowledge must have also been found from the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland as in 1968 cooperation was launched with Estonian colleagues working on "Eesti murrete sonaraamat" (Dictionary of Estonian Dialects).
Maritime traffic makes up a large fraction of anthropogenic air pollution in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.
Today sees the start of the connection of the Gulf of Finland section and the Central section at a sea depth of approximately 80 m.
KENYA: Research scientists install a GPS satellite collar on the neck of an elephant in the Tsavo East National Park to map out migratory routes (AP Photo) RUSSIA Icebreaker Mudyug leads bulk carrier Federal Danube, as men fish in the frozen Gulf of Finland.
No work is foreseen to take place in February in the frozen Gulf of Finland (but continues in Swedish and Danish waters) though the Nord Stream consortium claims redundancy time is built in to compensate for a bad winter--as in 2009-2010.