Gulf of Corinth

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inlet of the Ionian Sea between central Greece and the Peloponnesus

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With huge views of misty mountains across the silvery Gulf of Corinth, it's crammed with cafe tables that fill up quickly with bright young things on a Friday evening.
Across the Atlantic, their European cousins are experiencing their own camp traditions--in a castle in County Kildare, Ireland, at a small resort in a Romanian forest, and on the Gulf of Corinth in Greece.
As for in-demand locations, Linda Hearn at Filoxenia (01422 375999) suggests Chios, Samos, Peloponnese, Evia, Sifnos, Kefalonia, Crete, Corfu, Gulf of Corinth and lesser-known islands like Kythira and Ithaca.
On a clear day you can see the Island of Aegina and the Gulf of Corinth.
6-acre island features stunning views of the Gulf of Corinth.