Gulf of Carpentaria

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a wide shallow inlet of the Arafura Sea in northern Australia

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In contrast, this deletion was not present in isolates collected before 2000 (Table 3) or in another isolate from Gulf of Carpentaria collected in 2000 ([WNV.
One was at ~15[degrees]S, so in the tropics--the Gulf of Carpentaria is in northern Australia--and the other was on a German icebreaker north of Svalbard, it at was ~82[degrees]N, in the ice.
It's celebrated in September every year in the tiny town of Burketown, which is located on the Gulf of Carpentaria in far northwest Queensland.
The white inhabitants of Desperance, a town in Queensland, Australia, on the Gulf of Carpentaria, have made a lucrative deal with an international mining company looking to establish operations on land sacred to the local Aborigine population.
merguiensis from Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia suggested five ovarian developmental stages: quiescent, developing, early maturity, ripe and spent (Tuma, 1967) and immature, developing, early ripe, ripe and spent (Crocos and Kerr, 1983).
A Somerset B Dorset C Devon D Cornwall QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: The Gulf of Carpentaria is off the coast of which country?
The onboard cameras captured the elliptical shape of the umbra as it rushed across the ground from the Gulf of Carpentaria toward us and as it continued onward, disappearing into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
She was one of the first children to be removed from her parents when the Doomadgee mission was established in the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1936.
The area is well served by infrastructure with the port of Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria that services the Century Pb-Zn mine being within 150 kilometres from regional centre of Croydon Graphite Market Recent demand and price increases for graphite products have been driven by new industrial applications, particularly battery technology.
The first title covers the two Spanish navigators briefly and the Dutch navigators, Dirk Hartog with his famous plate, and Abel Tasman and his discovery of Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand, plus his 1644 voyage along the north-west coast into the Gulf of Carpentaria followed by eight pages on William Dampier's voyages in the Cygnet and the Roebuck.
Cameron's overseas nursing experience has been extensive, including a seven-year stint as director of nursing at Australia's Mornington Island Hospital in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Material Culture of the North Wellesley Islands by Professor Paul Memmott of The University of Queensland is, as its title suggests, a book about artefacts produced by Aboriginal people, chiefly the Lardil, in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria.
Reproductive dynamics of the grooved tiger prawn Penaeus semisulcatus in the northwestern Gulf of Carpentaria.