Gulf of California

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a gulf to the west of the mainland of Mexico

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In addition, the majority of the K values obtained during the IMECOCAL research cruises in the Pacific Ocean showed significant differences from 3, which suggests inadequate nutritional condition of jumbo squid perhaps associated with a lower availability of preferred prey in the Pacific Ocean in comparison with the Gulf of California.
Introduction in The Gulf of California, biodiversity and conservation (R.
Natural characteristics and ecological importance Variations in the flow of the Colorado river ariations The Colorado river originates in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, flows through 2,300 km into the Gulf of California, crossing seven states in the United States and two in Mexico.
The result: 20 million sharks and their relatives are killed in the Gulf of California each year.
This species is known only from Baja California Sur and adjacent islands in the Gulf of California.
A decline of effort was observed along the coast of Baja California and inside the Gulf of California.
It is separated from the Mexican mainland by the Gulf of California (also called the Sea of Cortes).
In its nearly 49-year history, Ocean Garden has become an integral part of the global shrimp trade, taking a leadership role in cross-border efforts to protect Sea of Cortez sea life, improve the efficiency of the shrimp fishery, wipe out illegal fishing in the Upper Gulf of California, and support the native Mexican fishermen financially through working capital loans and technical assistance," said Diaz in a letter to customers.
Although scientists have long suspected that chemical fertilizers and manure from concentrated animal farms contribute to nitrogen overload, the Stanford researchers found a close correlation between pulses of irrigation in Mexico's heavily fertilized Yaqui Valley and subsequent algae blooms in the Gulf of California.
Don Juan de Onate, who settled New Mexico for Spain, stopped by the rock in 1605 after discovering what he thought to be a passage to the Gulf of California.
We believe it to be indigenous to the Gulf of California, and I suspect the tongue louse was either imported here in the mouth of the red snapper or perhaps it has started to breed in European seas.
This thousand-mile-long peninsula, flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, is a haven for exhilarating water and mountain sports.
3 Bcf/d LNG facility proposed for Puerto Libertad on the Gulf of California.