Gulf of Bothnia

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a northern arm of the Baltic Sea

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Finnair opens new routes to Sweden, and will fly daily to LuleEaAN and UmeEaAN on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia during the summer season 2015 connecting these growing centers to Finnair's wide network of destinations in Asia, Europe and North America with daily frequencies.
Sipping an ice-cold lager, I watch the sunset cast a gentle pink glow across broken clouds with the Gulf of Bothnia crashing relentlessly on the rocks in the background, and I finally see Finland showing off its talents with nothing to defy my perception.
Contents of metals and hydrocarbons in fish and benthic invertebrates in the Gulf of Bothnia and in the Gulf of Finland.
One project that could benefit has been proposed in the Tornio region, 575 miles north of Helsinki at the northern tip of the Gulf of Bothnia, where steel manufacturer Outokumpu is seeking to build a $150 million LNG terminal.
The total allowable catches (TACs) for the Baltic sea for the pelagic stock (herring and sprat) for the Central Baltic, Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Bothnia correspond to the maximum sustainable yield (MSY, or the rate of capture allowing for the renewal of the species) for 2014, with the exception of the TAC for herring in the Western Baltic, which corresponds to the temporary level in relation to the MSY.
With a landscape that is coastal to the south, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, and Gulf of Bothnia, and Arctic in the north, Finland has been formed by thousands of years of continental glacial recession.
In the past, before all-year shipping commenced (1970) in the Gulf of Bothnia, in severe ice seasons 'ice bridges' formed across the gulf in the narrow straits between Finland and Sweden, the Northern Quark and the Southern Quark.
There will be three cruises from Harwich International Port in May 2013 - to the Baltic, Norway and Lapland, through the Gulf of Bothnia - and a mini-cruise in June 2013.
TVO has already reached the decision in principle from the Finnish government and parliament to construct OL4 on Olkiluoto Island, which is just offshore in the Gulf of Bothnia in southwestern Finland.
Two roll-on/roll-off (roro) ships will link Kemi and Oulu, which are located in the Gulf of Bothnia, with Lubeck in Germany and Gothenburg in Sweden.
Gutsy Janne Laitinen drove an Audi RS6 saloon car with specially studded tyres on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea, Finland.
The city is located some 15 kilometres (9 mi) from the Gulf of Bothnia, on the estuary of the Kokemaenjoki river, which is the largest in Finland.
Over the Gulf of Bothnia, a report published in March by Finanspolisen, Sweden's financial markets police authority, noted a sharp rise in Swedish money laundering activity and cases in 2008, the latest full year figures available, although this could be because of better monitoring.