Arabian Gulf

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a shallow arm of the Arabian Sea between Iran and the Arabian peninsula

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The competition coincides with a month-long special that has seen the online travel agent focus on a variety of resorts and activities in the Gulf of Arabia, including the best dive spots in the Red Sea Riviera.
It says what kind of man Mr Dalglish is that he didn't think twice about putting his reputation on the line when his club asked him to cut short a cruise around the Gulf of Arabia to pick a team to face Manchester United at Old Trafford last January.
The Merchant Navy officer has braved the Somalian waters leading to the Gulf of Arabia where he fought off armed raiders in a half-hour battle last May.
The ship was sailing through what is known as the "dark passage" which would take MV Boularibank through the Gulf of Arabia via Somalian waters.
The use of "AD" and the sails in the new logo reflect the company's roots in Abu Dhabi, which lies on the Gulf of Arabia.
In a speech to an energy conference recently, Brown said, "The North Sea, which has passed its peak in terms of oil and gas supplies, will be turned into the equivalent for wind power of what the Gulf of Arabia is for oil.
Davidson (political science and areas studies, Shaikh Zayed U, Abu Dhabi) describes how the shaikhdoms of the lower Gulf of Arabia were transformed from undeveloped backwaters of the British Empire into some of the world's wealthiest oil producers with socioeconomic conditions comparable with many Western states.