Gulf of Aqaba

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a northeastern arm of the Red Sea

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The top US diplomat's short trip to the Jordanian capital came one day after the US embassy issued a travel warning of an "imminent threat" in the southern Gulf of Aqaba region, a warning which was disputed by Jordan.
8 Jan 1965; HUJ 7178, 168 mm, Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, Eilat, M.
the 1993 and the 1995 sequence) in the Gulf of Aqaba and presents some observations regarding the stress migration which has caused large earthquakes in the Gulf
eventually increase the beachfront overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba by 1.
GULF OF AQABA, who found himself supping in the last-chance saloon in the 1m6f handicap, finally gave his longsuffering connections something to cheer as he struck at 50-1 under Joe Fanning.
THE Bahrain Football Association's officials Hassan Ismail and Ali Al Rifaei attended a Funding Assistance Programme (FAB) seminar held in the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan.
Embassy in Amman warned on Wednesday of an "imminent threat" in the Gulf of Aqaba after receiving "reliable information.
warning said "credible information has been received regarding a possible imminent threat in the Gulf of Aqaba region".
gov says "credible information has been received regarding a possible imminent threat in the Gulf of Aqaba region".
Moslehzadeh further pointed out that both states have plans to bolster their existing ties and cooperation, and stated, "In the same line, we have plans to build the Iran-Iraq-Jordan railway to connect the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aqaba and make use of the good tourism infrastructures of Jordan.
On Monday, an Egyptian security official again speaking on condition of anonymity denied the attacks were launched from Sinai, a mountainous desert region that flanks the Gulf of Aqaba.
Jordan started importing gas from Egypt in 2003, receiving about 300 million cubic feet a day through a link across the Gulf of Aqaba that also feeds Syria and Lebanon.
During the 2-day trip, the children were taken on tours of the cityAAEs attractions, dined on the local diet of fresh fish and enjoyed glass boat rides in the Gulf of Aqaba.
But that was the only hiccup in a week-long trip that saw us basking on the beach, enjoying the food and drink on offer in our all-inclusive package - and heading across the Gulf of Aqaba into Jordan to visit the stunning Lost City of Petra.
Several major movements during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic introduced new tectonic features in various parts of Syria, including the Levant Fracture trending from the Gulf of Aqaba into Turkey.