Gulf War syndrome

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a medical condition of uncertain origin that affected many veterans of the 1991 Gulf War

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Can Gulf War syndrome be passed through childbirth?
Campaigners said 1,000 British veterans had died because of Gulf War Syndrome.
Gulf War Syndrome was a "useful umbrella term", the MoD accepts.
We have asked them (the MoD) to accept Gulf War Syndrome so the veterans don't have to go through further distress.
The MoD has said it does not accept the existence of Gulf War syndrome and money is already being paid to ex-servicemen with disabilities.
Her landmark victory comes after ex-lifeguards-man Daniel Martin and former medic Shaun Rusling won pensions for Gulf War Syndrome in cases highlighted by the Sunday Mirror.
The tribunal stated: "The term Gulf War Syndrome is the appropriate medical label to be attached to this excess of symptoms and a useful umbrella for that label.
The Pensions Appeal Tribunal decided Daniel Martin, aged 35, of Luton, should be given a disability award, using Gulf War Syndrome as an "umbrella term" to cover his ailments from his service in the 1991 conflict.
Damage to the parasympathetic nervous system may account for nearly half of the typical symptoms-including gallbladder disease, unrefreshing sleep, depression, joint pain, chronic diarrhea, and sexual dysfunction-that afflict those with Gulf War syndrome, according to a study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.
THE Government was yesterday facing a pounds 60million compensation claim after a report said Gulf War syndrome is 'indisputable'.
VETERANS fighting for the recognition of Gulf War Syndrome as an illness have received a boost from a new US report.
A MERSEYSIDE couple who served in Iraq believe their dangerously ill baby is the youngest victim of Gulf War Syndrome.
There are also data implicating PON1 in other diseases and in Gulf War Syndrome, although more research is needed is these areas.
GULF War Syndrome does not exist, according to an official scientific study last night.