Gulf War syndrome

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a medical condition of uncertain origin that affected many veterans of the 1991 Gulf War

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) drafted a committee of 16 experts at the request of the Department of Veterans Affairs to try to develop a case definition for what's now called Gulf War illness in order to help standardize diagnosis, inclusion in research studies, and treatments.
Considered together, these undiagnosed symptoms are commonly referred to as Gulf War illness (GWI).
Gulf War illness, and the degree of it, is dependent on two things.
In Birmingham, Dave Parks started reporting in 1992 on local veterans who were sick with health problems that seemed "mysterious" -- except that their symptoms began soon after the start of Operation Desert Storm on January 16, 1991 (see "Tracking Gulf War Illness," page 31).
LOS ANGELES -- A scientific paper confirming the relationship between autonomic nervous system dysfunction and Gulf War Illness was published online November 26, 2012 in the Archives of Neurology, according to Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc.
Little is known about what causes the onset and progression of Gulf War Illness," said Waziry.
There are no proven treatments for Gulf War illness.
Paul Greengard, who won the Nobel Prize for work discovering the brain mechanisms involved in Parkinson's disease, said the research cited in the report 'makes it a very reasonable possibility that this Gulf War illness is not attributable simply to stress of troops that were deployed'.
The veterans' legal team are calling on the Government to set up a public review of the issues surrounding Gulf War illness and make a no-strings payment to the veterans.
A CALL for Government action, over the plight of those suffering from so-called 1991 Gulf War illness, is to be made in the House of Lords today.
Studies have documented the presence of chemical sensitivity symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) (16), Gulf War Illness (15), as well as a high prevalence of CFS symptoms in those recruited as having MCS (8,).
A devastating report said the Defence Ministry lied about the effects of Gulf War illness on troops.
Anatabine ameliorates cognitive impairment and neuropathological deficits in a mouse model of Gulf War Illness
When the recent findings identifying vaccines and pesticides as definitive causes of Gulf War illness were released last November, I realized that I have been suffering for over 25 years (previous findings only identified PTSD, depleted uranium and nerve agents as potential causes).
Nicolson's Gulf War Illness work focused on mycoplasma as a major infective agent in the 1990s.