Gulf War

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a war fought between Iraq and a coalition led by the United States that freed Kuwait from Iraqi invaders

a dispute over control of the waterway between Iraq and Iran broke out into open fighting in 1980 and continued until 1988, when they accepted a UN cease-fire resolution

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Haley identified 17 Gulf War veterans--all under 45--who were diagnosed with ALS by neurologists between 1991-98.
UNICEF found that prior to the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq had invested heavily in the health sector, making primary medical care available to nearly all urban residents and some 80 percent of the rural population.
The author of the other first Gulf War memoir, Baghdad Express, describes himself as "a dream recruit: messed up enough that I had nowhere else to go; smart and aggressive enough to want to prove something.
But for reasons never explained, the Gulf War cease-fire allowed Saddam to keep a fleet of helicopter gunships.
The decision, by a war pensions appeal tribunal in Leeds last May, was hailed by thousands of Gulf War veterans as a major development in their fight for damages against the MoD.
On top of the exponentially larger cyber-newsstand at our fingertips, whole new forms of participatory journalism have come into existence between Gulf wars, perhaps none more striking with regard to Operation Iraqi Freedom than Salam Pax's pseudonymous, haunting (and possibly faked) Baghdad-based blog at http://dear_raed.
Gulf War veteran Tom Meumann of Camarillo said his homecoming included lots of yellow ribbons and supporters, but he never saw the hero's welcome now lavished on Iraq war vets.
Despite continuing to deny Gulf War syndrome even exists, the MoD said they will not appeal the findings of the War Pensions Appeal Tribunal.
But a military-funded report released just months before the Gulf War warned of DU's potential health effects.
Mehmet Oder, the president of Petrol-Is, said that the Gulf War had an adverse impact on the members of his union, many of whom lost their jobs when the United Nations imposed the food-for-oil program on Iraq.
The British study examined 110 British vets divided into four groups: 49 Gulf War vets with neuromuscular symptoms; 26 Gulf War vets with no symptoms; 22 vets with symptoms who served during the war but not in the Persian Gulf; and 13 vets with symptoms who served in Bosnia.
In fact, Streigel is just one of thousands of women who, since the Gulf War, have been steadily migrating to assignments that place them at or near the line of battle.
Most Gulf War veterans do not have a formal psychiatric disorder and rates of post-traumatic stress disorder among the group are low, research by the Gulf War Illness Research Unit has shown.
Last week a US Congressional committee sitting at Westminster heard from the widow of a British Gulf War veteran who died from motor neurone disease in January, aged 44.
As they did during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, military officials have signaled that personnel policies will be enforced less strictly during Enduring Freedom than in peacetime.