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Lord Ashdown said it was essential that it addressed the role of the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The Gulf States are indeed in the process of planning to acquire an anti-missiles defence system and are negotiating with the United States, but are most certainly not purchasing anything from the Israelis.
The deadly floods and consecutive weeks of severe weather in Texas, have caused hardships for many families across the region," said Dan Friedkin, chairman and CEO of Gulf States Toyota and The Friedkin Group.
BEIRUT: A delegation of Lebanese businessmen living in Saudi Arabia met Monday with Prime Minister Tammam Salam to convey the concerns of the Lebanese living in the kingdom and other Gulf states following Hezbollah's sustained blistering campaign against Riyadh over the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.
With the diaspora outreach being a key element of the new government's policy, the Gulf states are a priority for the government, said a report in the Economic Times.
The agreement between Gulf states reached in Riyadh on Sunday offers "a general framework for unity, consensus, and an end to differences" between Arab states, the king said.
The minister said in a press statement on Thursday that by the end of May this year, the number of tourists from Gulf states had risen to 354,943, compared to 345,618 for the same period of 2013.
Izz-Eddin said during his meeting with the Bahraini investor Sheikh Salman bin Khalifa that the dialogue with Gulf States wills respond to all queries and concerns.
In statements to KUNA Saturday, Al-Sd said that the availability of raw materials at competitive prices was a great privilege for the hydrocarbon industries in Arab Gulf states.
The Gulf states' rising trade and investment links with emerging Asian markets increase their economic dependence on global growth and exposure to foreign shocks, say Standard & Poor's economists in a report published today Gulf States Are Increasingly Vulnerable To An Emerging Market Slowdown.
25bn, part of a five-year package of financial assistance extended by wealthy Gulf states to the North African kingdom to help it weather 'Arab Spring' protests.
Some Arab media reported late last week that the Egyptian Foreign Minister has offered to mediate easing "tension" between the Persian Gulf States and Iran.
Manama, June 16 ( ANI ): The Gulf states have reportedly witnessed a steady increase in public and foreign debt that amount to 40 percent of the GDP and to 7,45,000 dollars per citizen respectively, as the region's per capita military spending is the highest in the world.
David Commins provides an in-depth narrative of the modern political history of the Gulf States, giving a comprehensive and accessible account of their recent development and strategic importance Focusing primarily on economic, cultural, religious and social themes from the 14th century to the present, The Gulf States covers key topics of the region's history, from the influence of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Arab dynasties, to oil wealth, modern prosperity and the formation of the Gulf States.
In the meantime, the Arab Gulf states are rushing to draft statements of condemnation and talking about the bad intentions in a narrative way, without adopting palpable and efficient steps that would contain the Iranian provocations and political violations affecting their countries and their affairs, and impacting the security and stability of their populations.
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