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a seashore of the Gulf of Mexico

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UEP National Director Daryl Williams spoke of opening three UEPGC offices in the Gulf Coast region that will provide training to those who choose entrepreneurship post-Katrina.
is one of three companies within the Gulf Coast RCIC's area currently being funded by the TETF.
The Gulf Coast Star Center leverages Texaco's significant natural gas transportation, storage, processing and marketing assets to form the nation's largest single marketplace for buyers and sellers of natural gas.
As the world's largest manufacturer of OSB, LP is proud to provide structural products for every Habitat home constructed in the Gulf Coast this year, and we are excited about accelerating the rebuilding momentum Operation Home Delivery is bringing to the area.
A sampling of the projects undertaken by the students and teachers of the Gulf Coast WalkAbout:
Shreveport Green will use its grant money to increase tree production in its nursery, providing the Gulf Coast with trees to plant for reforestation efforts.
The program at the University of New Mexico Center for Environmental Health Sciences produced six PSAs on topics such as safe cleanup methods, water safety, and toxics, and is working with American Forum, a nonprofit media company, to disseminate them to over 3,000 radio, television, and print media outlets in the Gulf Coast area.
Such reports were common throughout rural areas and small towns in the Gulf Coast areas hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
served as a major distribution center for supply trucks being sent to the Gulf Coast with water, MREs, ice, and other vital supplies.
Another source of speculation concerns how soon orders for new steel in the Gulf Coast region will spark additional demand for this unplanned scrap source.
Just days after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, urban search-and-rescue teams from Los Angeles city and county fire departments boarded cargo trucks and buses and drove for 36 hours until they reached the Gulf Coast.
The next Gulf Coast TAPPI meeting will be October 6-8, 2004 in Monroeville, Alabama, USA.
Duke Energy Field Services (DEFS) has significantly increased its midstream presence in the Gulf of Mexico with the purchase of the former MCN Investment Corporation's ownership interest in Dauphin Island Gathering Partners (DIGP), Mobile Bay Processing Partners (MBPP) and Gulf Coast NGL Pipeline, L.
Beginning around 6,000 years ago, a swampy stretch of Mexico's Gulf Coast served as a hotbed of plant domestication in the Americas, according to a new study.
Every year, more than 50 people become ill--and at least ten die--after eating uncooked Gulf Coast oysters that are contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus bacteria.
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