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a seashore of the Gulf of Mexico

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Gulf Coast Western plans to partner with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy, Inc.
Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration took over production effective 1 October 2015.
The new subsidiary, Gulf Coast Western Energy Services, also headquartered in Dallas, provides oilfield spill and frac tank containment systems, water transfer, flow back water recovery services, well clean up services, onsite Cold Clean equipment cleaning services and high pressure pipe restraints.
All have spent significant portions of their careers analyzing, developing and acquiring assets in the onshore Gulf Coast region.
On 22 July 2011 ERG notified Linc Gulf Coast by letter that it did not accept Linc Gulf Coast's termination of the contract, disputed the grounds for terminating the contract relied upon by Linc Gulf Coast in its termination notice and requested that the parties meet to discuss the issues raised in Linc Gulf Coast's termination notice.
HomeAway Inc, a US-based online holiday rentals company, has launched the HomeAway Gulf Coast Response Centre to provide timely news and expert advice on the Gulf of Mexio oil spill in US.
To respond to the Gulf Coast devastation, the federal government has already committed a historically high level of resources--more than $116 billion--through an array of grants, loan subsidies, and tax relief and incentives.
Since Hurricane Katrina, Nixon Peabody has been integrally involved with national efforts to educate community leaders, lawmakers and real estate officials on housing and redevelopment activities along the Gulf Coast.
The Gulf Coast WalkAbout program began after Jim Kielsmeier, president and CEO of the St.
Shreveport Green will use its grant money to increase tree production in its nursery, providing the Gulf Coast with trees to plant for reforestation efforts.
The program at the University of New Mexico Center for Environmental Health Sciences produced six PSAs on topics such as safe cleanup methods, water safety, and toxics, and is working with American Forum, a nonprofit media company, to disseminate them to over 3,000 radio, television, and print media outlets in the Gulf Coast area.
On October 6, 2005, Senator Judd Gregg introduced the Gulf Coast Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Act of 2005 (the "Act") that would establish the Gulf Coast Recovery and Disaster Preparedness Agency to rebuild the infrastructure of the Gulf Coast ravaged by the recent wave of hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.
agricultural industry watched in disbelief as hurricanes Katrina and Rita attacked the Gulf Coast.
Hurricane Katrina smashed into the United States' Gulf Coast on 29 August 2005, devastating parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
Beyond this significant new tonnage hitting the Gulf Coast market this fall, speculation also centers on the percentage of structures that were fully or partially submerged in New Orleans' floodwaters that will be deemed uninhabitable and that will face demolition.
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