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the Babylonian goddess of healing and consort of Ninurta

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eating to excess (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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Lundtveidt took a blow to the face and had to leave, bringing back Gula.
Every day that we advance, we're further than we were yesterday," said Gula.
McCurry went on to track Gula down and photographed her again in 2002.
I welcome her back to the bosom of her motherland," President Ashraf Ghani said with an expressionless Gula standing beside him during a small welcome-back ceremony at the palace in Kabul.
Background: Sharbat Gula is poised to be deported to Afghanistan after serving a 15-day jail sentence and paying a fine, a special anti-corruption and immigration court in Peshawar ruled today.
An inquiry had established that three employees in the Peshawar offices of National Database and Registration Authority had issued Pakistani identity cards to some Afghan nationals including Gula.
Sharbat Gula applied for Pakistani identity card in April 2014, using the name Sharbat Bibi.
Mr Justice King said Hecko killed Mr Gula in a brutal attack "by kicking and stamping on his head and neck".
While the long-term impact of Shellshock remains undetermined, Gula believes it surpasses Heartbleed in severity due in part to detection difficulty.
There is some local name of brown sugar in some country[29] as follow: Indonesian: gula kelapa, gula aren, gula merah, gula Jawa; Malaysia: gula anau, gula Melaka (coconut palm), gula kabung (arenga pinnata palm/sugar palm); Philippines: Pakaskas; Thailand: nam tan pip ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; pronounced Ina m.
Najibullah Omar, speaking to Pajhwok Afghan News, identified the killer as Din Mohammad and the victims as Anar Gula (28) and Halima (22).
The book introduces Gula as a mythological figure, then spends a chapter each on her association with diagnosis/prognosis, healing spells, and healing plants.
Our prayers are with them," said Hilal Gula, a Turkish student studying in London.
Branislav Gula, 42, was found dead in his Bala flat several hours after he was attacked by Julius Hecko last November.
Avaricia, Gula, Lujuria, Envidia, Pereza, Ira y Soberbia son los vicios llamados capitales en la tradicion occidental.