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Synonyms for Gujarat

a region of western India to the north of Bombay (bordering the Arabian Sea) where Gujarati is spoken

an industrialized state in western India that includes parts of Bombay

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President of the Indian Association is Rugby's Mayor Ish Mistry, whose family is from the state of Gujurat at the centre of the quake zone.
Even with the sale of the Gujurat plant, Jaiprakash said it will remain the country's third largest producer with an annual cement production capacity of 36.
Miranda Auckland was the speaker and gave a talk about her recent visit to the Gujurat in India on a textile tour.
La plupart des musulmans vivant en Afrique du Sud sont d'origine indienne, car les colons ont apporte leurs ancetres de Gujurat et d'autres regions d'Inde pour travailler dans les plantations de canne a sucre et aussi comme ouvriers.
Kapoor uses the backdrop of two epic events that rocked Gujurat in early 2000s to propel his film forward.
Ms Mills told the inquiry that in early 2001 she and Sir Paul had argued about a trip she was planning to Gujurat, India, and while she stayed with a friend in Middlesex he left her a series of voicemails.
Whereas, the cases of Orissa, Gujurat and Karnataka have shown a negative growth in agriculture during this period (at 1993-94 Constant Price).
It is also eyeing up India after supplying fire protection equipment to a refinery in Gujurat.
Meanwhile, the state of Gujurat is using the Internet to bring transparency to the billions of dollars in infrastructure investments that it is making each year, so everyone can see what is being spent and what is being approved.
Rajesh Patel, secretary of the host Gujurat Cricket Association, said: "When Ponting was run out, he was frustrated.
Mohammed, who has three sons and three daughters, had gone to the Gujurat area for the wedding of his middle son Asad to fiancee Roma in the city of Kharian on Saturday.
The inhuman industrial-urban vision"--as it is expressed by the India resistance movement Sanhati--is exacerbated by a changing climate, like the ongoing drought in Gujurat, which is forcing farmers to give up and move to the cities.
Across the the state of Gujurat the devastation was just being graspedby government officials.