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Synonyms for Gujerati

a member of the people of Gujarat


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the Indic language spoken by the people of India who live in Gujarat in western India

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In short, education was emphasized; as was wider reading of literature--I recall reading much of Charles Dickens, Alexander Dumas, Sir Walter Scott, Arnold Bennett, Thomas Hardy, the English poets such as Wordsworth and Keats, Gujerati authors and many Benagli authors in Gujerati translation.
The booklets will be published in English, Welsh, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Gujerati, Punjabi, Somali and Urdu.
Although Gujerati, the family spoke a mixture of English and Gujerati at home.
Although I lived in Addis Ababa, the early values and traits I formed were typically Gujerati.
To keep pace with this growth, a total of (60) new typeface designs have been added across the nine major Indic scripts (Devanagari, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujerati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya) to Agfa Monotype's WorldType library.
For the appeals, printed in the three main Indian dialects of Urdu, Punjabi and Gujerati, released soon after the dismembered body of a young girl was found on an express train at Wolverhampton, helped unearth vital clues.
At Birkby it will be added to a growing list of languages which covers: Arabic, English, Gujerati, Hungarian, three forms of Kurdish, Sorani, Pashto, Pahari, two forms of Panjabi, Mirpuri, Polish, Farsi, Croatian, Umbundu and Urdu.
Mrs Dhanjal went on to set up her translation business and now offers services in all European languages, Arabic, Chinese, Kurdish, Farsi, Persian, Somali, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujerati and Urdu amongst others.
Menu with head chef Aktar Islam on Sunday: l South Indian street food (deep-fried potato balls) and Gujerati snacks (spiced, nutty rice patties) l Seabass Sag Tenga - seabass with garlic-scented spinach and Bengali tomato and coriander broth l Gajar Halva Parcel - Punjabi-style carrot dessert in puff pastry parcels
But no-one who has witnessed some of the Southport club's six victories can be in any doubt as to their quality and especially the pedigree of their Gujerati opening bowler Rakesh Patel, who collected 7-26 in the 16-run win over Worsley last Saturday.
But the share deal will not be completed until the details have been translated into Gujerati so that the family's 77-year-old matriarch, Shantagaury Pathak, can agree to it.
It's ridiculous - I don't tell the dentist how to fill my teeth or spend my day ringing up the provost at Eton telling him to start teaching young Thumper how to speak Gujerati.
The two translators point to the influence it earlier had on the Gujerati mystic Rajacandra (1868-1901), known also as one of Gandhi's sources of inspiration:
The 60 per cent of pupils who are from ethnic minorities are encouraged to take GCSEs and AS-levels in their native languages, including Bengali, Arabic, Punjabi and Gujerati.
We're working on setting software to communicate in Gujerati, Punjabi and Urdu," says Eugene.