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Synonyms for Gujerat

a region of western India to the north of Bombay (bordering the Arabian Sea) where Gujarati is spoken

an industrialized state in western India that includes parts of Bombay

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The story is set in Gujerat, amidst the 'White revolution of India.
During this period he also served as vice-chancellor of South Gujerat (1982-1985), director of research at the Indian Law Institute (1985-1988), and vice-chancellor of the University of Delhi (1990-1994).
After all, he worked hard for Independence, encouraging all his sons--I was too young--to participate in the Independence struggle, even though it delayed his being appointed to the bench in Gujerat High Court by years.
This section, potentially very interesting, might perhaps have been expanded to include examples of Chinese loom-woven necklaces, lizards made by Turkish prisoners-of-war, and beadwork from Scandinavia, Gujerat, South Africa and Indonesia.
Yusuf, whose real name is Yusuf Saleji Patel, was born in Gujerat, India but raised and educated in the UK.
We did explore whether it was possible for the Assembly to make any kind of financial donation to overseas disaster relief at the time of the Gujerat earthquake some four years ago but, unfortunately, we found it was not.
The spine of an imperial cartography of India was complete, and now the survey teams started to disperse across the country in order to cover Bengal and Gujerat.
The campaign reached over 200 villages in five districts in Gujerat in which over half of the 40,000 who participated during the 30 day campaign were men.
I reflected that perhaps this passenger's ancestor could have paid in Kilwa's own minted silver currency in receipt for having provided ivory, tortoiseshell, or gold to the island-city's rich merchants, who, in turn, traded these African products overseas in exchange for Indian and Persian carpets from Gujerat and Isfahan.
This he announced at the Gujerat Education Conference in January 1945.
This is the one at Ambapur in Gujerat, seen through its elaborate pavilions, from Steps to Water, The Ancient Stepwells of India, by Mama Livingston.
Unfortunately this long and dirty war has also weakened the secular forces in India and encouraged corresponding Hindu extremism (recently seen in anti-Muslim pogroms in the Indian state of Gujerat.
Kingsley, raised in England, is himself of mixed ancestry--his father, born in Africa, is of Gujerat Indian descent, and his mother is a white Englishwoman--yet he speaks of that "something dormant" in himself in racially essentialist terms, and with a distinctly colonialist eye.