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Synonyms for Gujerat

a region of western India to the north of Bombay (bordering the Arabian Sea) where Gujarati is spoken

an industrialized state in western India that includes parts of Bombay

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Al-Raniri was allowed to return in 1644 to Gujerat, where he died in 1658.
Le tangue illustre comment mythes et oralite se rencontrent dans le rapport a la nourriture et dans les constructions permettant de tisser des fils avec le lieu, reel ou reve, d'oo viennent les ancetres, d'oo l'on vient: le sud de l'Inde, le Gujerat, Madagascar, l'Afrique, la France, le Portugal, la Hollande, la Chine, le Vietnam sont au coeur de bricolages qui permettent de nourrir les relations avec le pays d'origine: <<je prefere faire le gateau de patates douces au beurre, pas a l'huile comme on fait en general ici et j'ajoute de la creme fraiche .
A U-turn in the Indian status in South Africa occurred by the end of the 1860s when a new wave of immigrants from the western coast of the Indian subcontinent, particularly from Gujerat, disembarked in Durban.
In a historiographical analysis of the evidence for the coming of Islam to the region, Drewes (1968) cites sources claiming Muslim influence from Bengal, Gujerat and South India.
The film follows the lives of several people and families in the eastern state of Gujerat who were all involved in a bloody communal riot in 2006 between the majority Hindu community and the minority Muslim community.
These treasures include a large collection of Muslim Gujerat printed cotton fragments, and the earliest examples known of Ikat robes from Central Asia.
lt;< Desde 1812, el gobernador de Bombay rechazo la propuesta de transportar alimentos en el Gujerat afectado por la hambruna citando la autoridad de Adam Smith >>, cuando en verdad Smith poca cosa dijo directa o indirectamente sobre la manera de tratar una hambruna.
Aunque la pobreza rural ha disminuido aceleradamente en algunos estados, como Gujerat y Tamil Nadu, y tambien se han obtenido resultados similares en otros del norte, todavia queda un largo camino para reducir el margen de desigualdad entre regiones o distritos.
He had been Director of Research at the Indian Law Institute, and Vice-Chancellor of not one, but two universities, South Gujerat (1982-85) and when we met, still in charge of the University of Delhi.
By that time, Kanchan Malde, who came to Britain from East Africa but whose roots were in Gujerat, and her husband Moti were regular visitors to India.
During this period he also served as vice-chancellor of South Gujerat (1982-1985), director of research at the Indian Law Institute (1985-1988), and vice-chancellor of the University of Delhi (1990-1994).
After all, he worked hard for Independence, encouraging all his sons--I was too young--to participate in the Independence struggle, even though it delayed his being appointed to the bench in Gujerat High Court by years.
This section, potentially very interesting, might perhaps have been expanded to include examples of Chinese loom-woven necklaces, lizards made by Turkish prisoners-of-war, and beadwork from Scandinavia, Gujerat, South Africa and Indonesia.
Yusuf, whose real name is Yusuf Saleji Patel, was born in Gujerat, India but raised and educated in the UK.
We did explore whether it was possible for the Assembly to make any kind of financial donation to overseas disaster relief at the time of the Gujerat earthquake some four years ago but, unfortunately, we found it was not.