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Synonyms for Gujarati

a member of the people of Gujarat


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the Indic language spoken by the people of India who live in Gujarat in western India

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Over two lakh students have acquired proficiency in English so far through this initiative," Modi's website had declared, buttressing that English speaking was a " requirement of a Gujarati student".
It fills me with pride to see the Gujarati spirit of trade and entrepreneurship stronger than ever both here in India, and in the UK.
His cautious approach was seen when only one fellow Gujarati Mansukhbhai Vasava was inducted in his council of ministers, that too as a junior minister.
On a lighter note, Modi said: "In PMO, Gujarati will be spoken, Khaman Dhokla will be eaten, Khakhras will be eaten.
Now, it will be more convenient for us," said Chandrakant V Chothani, Convener of the Muscat Gujarati Samaj.
The Trust has already formed close links with Gujarat after Gujarati health professionals, including a psychiatric social worker, a psychiatric nurse and four doctors with clinical, research and practice expertise in mental health, visited various services and facilities last year.
Around 25 million PIOs live in 130 countries and of them six million are Gujaratis
Many Gujarati believe in the development model that Modi has espoused across the state.
The so-called Gujarat model is indicative that five crore Gujaratis have been suppressed, and a few capitalists have progressed.
Not just Bhuj, even Gujaratis living in Oman don't have a direct flight to the capital of their state, Ahmedabad.
While Congress MLA Nitesh Rane has kicked up a storm by saying he wants to kick off the ' Clean India' campaign envisioned by PM Narendra Modi from Mumbai by cleaning the city of all the Gujaratis, party legislator Praniti Shinde took on the AIMIM by seeking a ban on it.
Hyderabad, July 1 ( ANI ): Hours after Bihar Chief Minister targeted his Gujarat Chief counterpart over his claims that he rescued 15,000 Gujaratis from flood ravaged Uttarakhand, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Monday poked fun at Narendra Modi, saying he is rightly called a 'feku'.
Gujaratis are free from fear of failure and perhaps there lies their success in business ventures.
The BJP's PM nominee is the talk of the temple town, and from the 10,000- strong Gujaratis residing in Varanasi to BHU professors and priests, everyone is finding ways to connect Modi to Kashi.