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I'm confident Colorful Guizhou Airlines will bring those same benefits to its home province with its new E190s.
As part of the Agreement, Guizhou Taibang agreed to lend to Xinjiang Deyuan an interest-bearing loan with a principal amount of RMB300 million (approximately US$47 million).
Program Scope : The proposed GVEDP (Table 1) will support the Guizhou Modern TVET System Establishment Plan, 2013 2020 by developing vocational education in secondary schools and colleges that meets Guizhou s long -term development needs through an inclusive and responsive TVET system.
Situated in Tongzi County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, the bundled project of 13 sewage treatment plants in Tongzi County comprises of No.
With the cooperation, Air China will be put its code CA on 32 routes operated by China Express, which will extend its route network to the second-tier and third-tier cities around Chongqing as well as in provinces of Guizhou and Liaoning Province.
Flooding hit 33 counties in Guizhou affecting one million people, more than 80,000 of whom were evacuated.
1 [male], Congjiang County (N 25[degrees]45' E 108[degrees]54"), Guizhou Province, China, 15-IX-1979, Z.
Granny Yang showed fellow villagers in Bijie in Guizhou the giant egg, which her hen laid two weeks ago.
Five miners have been rescued, with one being in critical conditions, Guizhou provincial authorities said earlier.
7 magnitude earthquake hit the border area of Yiliang county of Yunnan and Weining county of Guizhou at 11:19 a.
Over the past few years, Taiwan Cement has set up cement plants in nearby Chongching of Sichuan province and Gangan of Guizhou province.
Located within the Bijie coal fields, Guizhou Province, the Changyun coal mine covers an area of 2.
The Guizhou Shuibai railway is designed to provide a more reliable and efficient means of transporting passengers and coal to energy-deficient areas in Guizhou and its neighbouring provinces.
1183) selected four locations representing typical rural areas in Guizhou Province, where the diet is primarily locally grown agricultural products: Wanshan (Hg mining and smelting activities), Qingzhen (coal-fired power plant), Weining (artisanal zinc smelting activities), and Leigong Natural Reserve (no direct Hg contamination sources).
At least 107 people from 38 households have been buried or trapped by a landslide Monday afternoon in southwest China's Guizhou Province, state media reported.