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Connecting a pedalboard to an amplifier and other backstage equipment, guitarists normally lay multiple guitar, effects and other signal cables across the stage.
Next Sunday the Open Air Factory together with the European Capital of Culture -- Paphos 2017 will present the great international virtuoso guitarist and musician Al Di Meola and his quartet.
WORLD renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Martin will be performing in The Thomas Telford Centre, Menai Bridge, Anglesey on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 8.
MULTI award-winning guitarist, singer/songwriter and British Blues Hall of Famer, Matt Schofield, is to return to Cardiff to play a must-see gig in the capital on Sunday, November 30.
Having 100 guitarists enables you to get a special sound you can't get any other way," he says.
HAILED by Guitarist Magazine as one of 'the best blues-rock players anywhere in the world' the arrival of Irish guitar Simon McBride in Holmfirth is something of a coup.
In addition to Reinhardt and Grappelli, the original quintet included two other guitarists (including Reinhardt's brother Joseph) and a bass player, making the quintet one of the first jazz groups anywhere to feature stringed instruments exclusively.
It'll also be great to have all those guitarists playing at once.
Guitarist Frank Vignola will play at the Shedd Institute on Friday night in a trio with guitarist Vinny Raniolo and violinist Zach Brock.
German guitarist Uli Jon Roth will perform at Istanbul's Dorock Bar on May 19, and Ankara's Nedjima on May 20.
And with just weeks to go to the event, the search is now on for two new guitarists.
He described the White Stripes frontman as a "hero" to guitarists both old and young.
WHEN guitarists jam together, even their brain waves get "into the groove", new research has shown.
Michael has played on the local folk scene for many years and has also shared the stage with internationally-renowned guitarists such as Jacques Stotzem, Brendan Power, Michael Roach and Dave Peabody.
Introducing readers to the Robert Johnson's personal history (and whether or not he really did sell his soul to the devil in exchange for his unorthodox playing technique), Finding Robert Johnson provides an informed presentation of Delta-Blues Open G Tuning method which has influenced guitarists ever since.