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a musical notation indicating the fingering to be used

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applied to musical works, particularly guitar tabs.
evaluates guitar tabs under the four statutory factors of the fair use
test and concludes that guitar tabs constitute a fair use of the
Guitar tabs are illustrations of how to play a song on the guitar.
professional musicians who play them, many guitar tabs offer easier ways
13) To illustrate the difference between sheet music and guitar tabs,
created that provide forums for users to post and compare guitar tabs to
that guitar tabs are derivative works of the original composition and
posting guitar tabs is copyright infringement or fair use.
The guitar tabs posted on the Internet do not constitute obvious
inquiry whether guitar tabs deserve independent copyright protection and
Guitar tabs are copyrightable; they are a "tangible medium of
46) Guitar tabs do not, however, have the requisite
correctly, guitar tabs allow guitarists to recreate the underlying song,
Guitar tabs could only qualify for their own copyrights if