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a musical notation indicating the fingering to be used

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Best of Johnny Cash" is a guitar/vocal song book containing written music with guitar notation for 17 of Johnny Cash's most popular hits.
In addition to outlining the origins of the classic guitar and providing a detailed study of the life and works of Mauro Giuliani, Heck also devoted a chapter to the application of mensural notation to guitar music wherein he discerned three stages --"primitive," "intermediate," and "advanced"--to describe the development of this early guitar notation.
While the intricacies of the debate over early mensural guitar notation reside outside the scope of this essay, contribution of some insights attained by studying these three works by Phillis does not.
Matanya Ophee, "New Light on the So-Called 'Modern' Guitar Notation," Guitar and Lute 27 (March 1983): 20-28.