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a craftsman who makes stringed instruments (as lutes or guitars or violins)

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The positive response was overwhelming, and two months since Dela Cruz and his staff returned home, inquiries about Manila's guitar maker kept coming.
The guitar maker has a number of branded products on its roster, including vintage replacement parts (from B.
Eco-advocates and guitar makers alike fear that the spruce, maple, mahogany, ebony and rosewood trees that have been the foundation of the wooden instrument industry for years are being cut down faster than they can be replaced.
But the post-war housing boom wiped out the tree, and guitar makers had to look elsewhere--Alaska.
Birkenhead's KGB Musical Instruments is not only one of the North West's only luthiers - custom guitar makers - it also carries out major overhauls for some of Britain's top bands.
And guitar makers Martin have released a special edition acoustic instrument in Rory's honour.
GUITAR makers and musicians from across the country descended on Teesside to see stars of the guitar world on show.
With the support of governor Allan Brown, Prisons Minister David Hanson MP, Garston MP Maria Eagle and even American guitar makers Gibson he set a date.
Usually the biggest sound you hear from guitar makers is when famous musicians strum their instruments.
Top guitar makers Gibson Guitar and Guitar Center Music Foundation are designing an exclusive guitar and will give all proceeds to the charity.
Not all guitars have them, though most steel string acoustics do, and for many guitar makers and players the pins are nothing more than an afterthought.
From parrot breeders to guitar makers, ex-steelworkers in Wales have proved themselves adept at rebuilding their lives.
Mr Quill, who lives in Sutton Coldfield, still owns a music shop in Coventry and the respected guitar makers Patrick Eggle, which operates just round the corner from Musical Exchanges in Hockley.
In the 1950s Cesar and Fernando Vera, master guitar makers in Madrid, began experimenting with reconstructed vihuelas made from Swiss pine and cypress, often with mixed results.
Testimonials from famous clients hang on the walls: a snapshot of Los Lobos' Cesar Rojas playing a guitar in the showroom, a Guitar Player magazine interview with Jose Feliciano revealing that his two Candelas guitars are his ``pride and joy,'' a letter from the late premier classical guitarist Andres Segovia touting the younger Candelario Delgado as ``one of the best guitar makers in the country.