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However these can be expensive and many try to save money by learning from guitar lesson videos on YouTube and other sites.
Biggars, the music shop in Sauchiehall Street, said they'd honour my six guitar lessons voucher, while full marks to the girl behind the counter in Debenhams who put my gift card through the till and kept her face straight while revealing I was 38p in credit.
LOOKING SHEEPISH: Sheep on the loose in Almondbury and (right) Vinnie Ford who was said to have been attacked by one of Ewens' sheep on the way to his guitar lesson
THERE'S no reason for budding musicians to be blue this month thanks to a one-day guitar lesson from Stockton Council's adult education service.
He was walking back to class yesterday with a friend, after a guitar lesson in Rumney High, in Cardiff, when he was set upon by a youth.
CARING George Harrison gave a guitar lesson to his surgeon's teenage son only days before his death, it was revealed yesterday.
Complete lesson guide follows the Raw Talent Guitar lesson plan
Mrs Ford said: "Vinnie was walking down the road to his guitar lesson, carrying his guitar.
Earlier in the evening, Springsteen helped to boost the value of a signed guitar being auctioned, telling the audience that he would give the winning bidder a free guitar lesson, a ride in the sidecar of his Harley Davidson motorbike, and one of his mother's lasagnes.
com can download a free, interactive Guitar Lesson (including matching guitar tab) for "Over the Rainbow.
Sandercoe said: "Once I had done 15 lessons and I had 15 dollars I'd use that to go and have a guitar lesson with the proper guitar teacher.
A lot of Pat's friends reassessed their own lives that day, and remembered his words,'' said Sean O'Malley, getting ready Saturday to give another guitar lesson.
com elements will include: never-before-seen, streamed video of 'NSYNC; an exclusive live chat with Hanson; a private guitar lesson from legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young, which will have been auctioned off via eBay; the debut of an interactive music video directed by the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan; and more.
Other prizes include: the chance to participate in a special album premiere party; 20 autographed numbered/limited edition posters; the first 10 places in line for the band's live appearance in Times Square; a front row seat at the taping of an AC/DC live TV performance; and the grand prize of a personal guitar lesson from Angus Young.
Then I grabbed a set of headphones in time for Zoe's latest guitar lesson from Louise Wener of rockers Sleeper.