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com)-- Tom Hess, professional guitar teacher and leader in the online guitar instruction industry has announced the release of an online resource about how to teach guitar designed to help guitar teachers improve their teaching skills and make more money in their guitar teaching businesses.
Concepts4Charity already operates a FireChild program in Sacramento schools that arranges guitar instruction and provides instruments.
The 17-member orchestra, composed of students from California State University, was conducted by David Grimes, director of guitar studies at California State University, one of America's leading institutions for guitar instruction.
For the novice, the newest Santorella guitar instruction title is "Teach Yourself Guitar" by expert and experienced guitarist Bob Hartz.
For better or for worse, video games are proving to be the gateway to guitar instruction for many young players.
Kassandra Flamouropoulos of Andover NJ will be providing the Flute instruction and Dave Poli of Hopatcong will be providing the Classical Guitar instruction.
1, Guy Cormier, owner of Cormier Guitar Instruction & Repair, provided live music.
In addition to having written almost 20 guitar instruction books, Latarski has a home studio he built.
Also very highly recommended from Santorella Publications are Larry McCabe's other guitar instruction books for children: "Easy Method For Little Guitar Pickers" (TS255, $14.
iPerform3D launched its completely new website in January of 2009, marking the first time that sophisticated motion-capture technology--previously limited to big-budget film and video game companies--has been used for online guitar instruction.