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a musician who plays the guitar

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You shared the bill with Yngwie Malmsteen during the Guitar Gods Tour 2014.
Any chances of bringing the Guitar Gods Tour to the Middle East in the near of far future?
99 Handheld guitar gods can now also choose how they raise their band from the underground music scene to worldwide rock stardom, all to the tune of contemporary crooners.
As a tribute band to 1970s rock legends Led Zeppelin, Stairway Denied gets to take the best of these guitar gods - the music - and leave everything else behind (see: the extremely tight pants, overrated eight-minute-and-three-second rock odysseys and drug overdoses).
Their second album, Legion of Boom, sees guitar gods from acts like Rage Against The Machine and The Stone Temple Pilots make guest appearances, their efforts moulded into an energetic dance album with infectious beats.
Guitar Gods Tour: con Yngwie Malmsteen y George Lynch.
The 1999 Santana Band is intact - Chester Thompson (keyboards), Benny Rietveld (bass), Karl Perazzo (timbales-vocals), Raul Rekow (congas), Rodney Holmes (drums), Tony Lindsey (vocals) - a solid foundation for one of Rock's premier guitar gods to wail.
Well, he is the most frustrating of the Guitar Gods to worship and the hardest one to appease.
But Like A Rose is an embarrassing rap with Jack Black and Love Is Not Real a metal mess with guitar gods Brian May and Steve Vai shamefully wasted.
Do a Youtube search and you'll find gems including a seven-minute version of Led Zepp's Whole Lotta Love featuring guitar gods Slash and Joe Satriani, plus Linkin Park's Chester Bennington on vocals.
broke the mold for instrumental guitar albums by favoring tasteful and adventurous playing over the sort of blistering and showy playing that other guitar gods feel is necessary to deploy on instrumental records.
There are some genuinely talented children in ``Rock School,'' and watching these undersized guitar gods wield their instruments can be a thing of beauty.
A sonic monument to the guitar gods, "The World's Greatest Air Guitar Album" arrives in stores on June 24th.