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a musician who plays the guitar

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You shared the bill with Yngwie Malmsteen during the Guitar Gods Tour 2014.
Any chances of bringing the Guitar Gods Tour to the Middle East in the near of far future?
Staying with Guitar Gods, what's your view on shredding?
Well, he is the most frustrating of the Guitar Gods to worship and the hardest one to appease.
Subsequently, a year later, another future Guitar God, Jimmy Page, joined the Yardbirds.
But Like A Rose is an embarrassing rap with Jack Black and Love Is Not Real a metal mess with guitar gods Brian May and Steve Vai shamefully wasted.
Haynes has been ranked by Rolling Stone as the 23rd Greatest Guitarist of All Time and the magazine has recently ranked him among the few top Guitar Gods.
True to form, the album also features Trucks' electrifying slide guitar handiwork that at the tender age of 29, has garnered him much accolade, including the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine which hailed him as one of the New Guitar Gods.
Do a Youtube search and you'll find gems including a seven-minute version of Led Zepp's Whole Lotta Love featuring guitar gods Slash and Joe Satriani, plus Linkin Park's Chester Bennington on vocals.
broke the mold for instrumental guitar albums by favoring tasteful and adventurous playing over the sort of blistering and showy playing that other guitar gods feel is necessary to deploy on instrumental records.
There are some genuinely talented children in ``Rock School,'' and watching these undersized guitar gods wield their instruments can be a thing of beauty.
A sonic monument to the guitar gods, "The World's Greatest Air Guitar Album" arrives in stores on June 24th.
Original, 12-Part Series to Feature Inspiration & Instruction from Leading Guitar Gods and Goddesses, Including the Legendary Les Paul & Phish's Trey Anastasio
LOS ANGELES -- LOS ANGELES, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Ritchie Blackmore is one of the genuine guitar gods of heavy metal, first gaining fame with Deep Purple and then with his own Rainbow.