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English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)

a kind of bitter stout

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CHEERS The owners of Guinness stout have seen demand for their rum, gin and whisky offerings push up sales
Ah, Black and Tan, the foamy concoction that is half pale ale, half Guinness Stout.
And we wanted drinkers who know Guinness Stout to know there's a Guinness Lager alternative out there.
In Moneygall, Obama hoisted a glass of Guinness stout at Ollie Hayes's pub as fiddle music played, and his wife Michelle pulled pints at the bar.
The brands include Hairoun beer in St Vincent, Kubuli beer in Dominica, Wadadli beer in Antigua, Guinness Stout, Loubiere Spring Water, Vitamalt and Fruit Cocktail.
Patrick's Day with an open bar where guests can enjoy signature cocktails, wines and beer, including Irish whiskeys, Guinness stout and other specialties for $50 per person from 10 p.
Drinks giant Diageo yesterday hailed its iconic Guinness stout as international sales of the black stuff offset a declining UK beer market.
OK, this is the month when seemingly all of America raises glasses of Guinness Stout to the patron saint of Ireland.
Through the acquisition, the maker of Smirnoff vodka, Johnnie Walker whisky and Guinness stout enters the market for baijiu - a grain and sorghum-based alcohol whose name means "white liquor" -putting the British firm's international marketing muscle behind China's popular Swellfun brand.
1 drinks company, with brands such as Smirnoff vodka, Guinness stout and Johnnie Walker scotch.
They refer, of course, to their traditional barley-based drink of Guinness stout, a velvety black tipple with a creamy white head, so bitter to the taste that it's not every one's glass of beer.
Patrick Carelli downed two pints of Guinness stout in 6.
Both Heineken (40 percent owner of Nigerian Breweries, which brews Legend Extra Stout) and the Guinness Stout brand are strong in the region.
Meanwhile, scientists from Down Under have blown bubbles in a computer model to settle a long-standing debate in pubs that serve the dark, flavorful Irish beer known as Guinness stout.