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English stage and screen actor noted for versatility (1914-2000)

a kind of bitter stout

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And we will also be keen to emphasise the benefit of reduced alcohol intake making Guinness Mid-Strength everyone's first choice.
On a day when last year's Hurdle victor Rebel Fitz initiated a double for the stable with a smooth success in the Guinness Mid-Strength Novice Chase, Winters earned a special place in the history of the Galway Festival.
But the Guinness Mid-Strength, which went "on trial" this week in 13 bars across Fife and Edinburgh, is the SAME beer that was twice rejected by drinkers in Limerick and Dublin already in March 2006.
Guinness Mid-Strength, as it is officially known, will be piloted for three months at 13 pubs, bars and restaurants in Edinburgh and Fife.
8% abv Guinness mid-strength is being trialled in Ireland and others are looking to move into the standard lager sub-category.
Diageo plans to decide in September whether Guinness Mid-Strength will be rolled out across the UK and into the off-trade.